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Multiple Protagonists or just Arthur

Do you think there will be mutliple protags  

159 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think there will be mutliple protags?

    • yes I do
    • No, i believe it will be just Arthur

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See I think towards the end we will take over as John Marston. My reasoning for this is him and Arthur BOTH carry satchels in these new screenshots. Not one of these other members in Dutchs gang carry one. Its widely known that the satchel will be used to store small game, etc. Why else would John have one and no one else? Just a theory..

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I think Arthur will be the sole character we play as throughout the majority of the story, but it really doesn't look like they're investing much in exploring who he is as a character so far. I just don't see them sticking to him all the way, be it end-game change or alternate modes of play (including DLC).

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Mokrie Dela

There is something unsatisfying about the main character dying and you then free roaming with another. It's been done and in a narrative sense in redemption 1 it worked but nah not for 2 please. Not to mention I don't feel jack got much development and the game didn't really give him much of a game or story after his revenge.

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Just Arthur, Probably Going to Switch in endgame to John, Then It will be about building Beecher's Hope With Uncle And Abigail Of course.

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Sounds like a real bad ending.

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