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[MP] Hour of Fury

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My part takes 30 min video, probably the longest video in my profile.

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It's been a fruitfull process since the start of Hour of Fury's development, and during that process I realized that I'm taking a lot of time to develop these missions, and someone might be waiting too long for them to come out. Therefore, Chapter 1 is now officially available for download from the DYOM forums. Thanks for waiting and all the support!



At last! :pp

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Mission are great! I enjoyed playing it good work DelawareK :^:
Waiting for chapter 2 :colgate:

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I have been thinking about it for some time and have decided to officially end Hour of Fury. The main reason behind it was the fact that it was frankly unsuccessfull. Too many mistakes have been made during the creation of this mission pack, one obvious being too many cutscenes in missions and only a fraction of gameplay. The story of this mission pack was supposed to be decent, but it has ended before it has really started. I will be working on something else soon, that will be actually fun to play, but will not leave story behind aswell. I know it has been almost a month since any update has reached this topic, but I have decided it is time to let it go. Thanks to everyone for supporting me on this run. Martin Silverband may one day come back!

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