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Aztecas and Vagos don't have sets?

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Why didn't these 2 have their neighborhoods broken down into sets like Ballas & Families? I still look at Vagos different territories as separate sets tho. And Aztecas have 3 general areas they are in which is El Corona,Unity Station and Little Mexico so to me those are different sets of Aztecas. Like the ones in the Projects and the ones on the Dead End street aren't the same Aztecas set to me. They all are Aztecas but each function differently and each is its own neighborhood set? What do yall think? Let me know because Vagos and Aztecas are confusing compared to their counter parts Ballas and Families.

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I dont think Vagos would work on group set because Vagos isn't give a lot of impact on the storyline, Vagos mostly appears on Big Smoke mission but after than that, Vagos appears on Gang War and only take a minor role on another mission. Aztecas only have small area which is Little Mexico area and LVA isn't involved too much on the mission beside on Cesar mission. I don't think it necessary to add a set within the both gang itself

Edited by Terrc87

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In my game, we gave the VAGOS set names and treated Vagos/Eses more like an alliance than a hood using the number 19 (S in Spanish is ESE/19). The names/sets were 13th Street Gang, Flores 19, Jamestown 18th Street, Varrio East Side 19th Street, Mara Salvaje 19, and El Corona 19. Varrio Los Aztecas was independent but I will mention them none the less. Those were the Ese/Vagos hoods in my game, they were based on geographical location and it became a tradition that I carried on with me into GTA V.





Edited by TripleOGJohnson

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No, and sets dont affect Ballas much either except for their graffities, I dont even remember them mentioned in dialogues. Only GSF have story wise inter set feud....

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