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My Experience *O MI GAWD NO!* Of Stopping The Train

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Ok so in the interest of continuing to f*ck around in GTA V, yes, like many other peeps I have been trying to stop the train since almost the first day it was released on PC.

I mean, in GTA: San Andreas it was relatively easy to stop and/or wreck the goddam things.

So far only one thing has worked for me that has not been patched yet for single-player PC:

Taking the parachute jump mission to land on the train as it crosses the bridge. YES, IT STILL WORKS.

A couple of things I discovered.

1. You do not even need to put sticky bombs on the engine....you can jump ahead of it, land on the tracks, and dump a bunch of sticky bombs on the tracks, and you get the same result. Blow it up and the train stops.

2. The other thing I discovered which has nothing to do with actually stopping the train. The train always has a tanker car as the last car of the train. Unlike all other tanker cars in the entire game, you can blow it up. Sticky bomb, sniper rifle, machine gun, it does not matter. It is almost like an extra added bonus for stopping the train. I also found out that you can blow up gondola cars as well (the ones which are almost like a flat-car).

I have certainly got my money's worth out of this game. f*ck...50 bucks? For 2 solid years (and counting) of entertainment?

I can't complain. :D

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Yep, I have tried countless ways to stop the train myself. Always end up massively failing, and laughing at myself for it!


I've gotten quite a good amount of fun times out of this game, for the price I paid for it, man it's paid of in wonders.

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Cutter De Blanc

If you get the Trevor switch scene where he wakes up on the tracks as a train is about to hit him, that train can also be destroyed.

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