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Discussion Cosa Nostra aspect in GTA IV and Episodes.

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I didn't find that kind of topic, so I've decided to make my own. Here comes my analysis of the LCN families in GTA IV and Episodes and I hope you'll help me if I missed something. Let's roll.


Gambetti Crime Family

Strongest LCN family in Liberty, led by Jon Gravelli, who had took over after death of Sonny Cangelosi in 1978. As we can see - they have control over most lurcative rackets in the area. Gravelli as an old school mafioso, forbids drug dealing and tries to hold it down by any means necessary.

Family maintains strong presence in Little Italy of Algonquin, Dukes and Broker. Only two direct members are known: Sammy Bottino, underboss who went into hiding to avoid charges and Roy Zito, loyal Gravelli's lieutenant and acting underboss, who is allegedly homosexual (which is forbidden by Cosa Nostra rules). Zito is likley to take over after Gravelli's death.

Family is a counterpart to real life Gambino Crime Family, which is competed in power only by Genovese's.


Chart as of 2008

Boss: Jon Gravelli (deceased)

Underboss: Sammy "Sonny" Bottino (in hiding)

Acting Underboss: Roy Zito

Consigliere: Unknown

Captains: Unknown

Soldiers: Unknown

Associates: Jon Gravelli Jr, Niko Bellic, UL Paper Contact.


Pavano Crime Family

Second in power after Gambettis, led by Mary Valvona (another LCN rule broken woman member/boss), who had allegedly poisoned her husband to gain power. Family does not hostile drug trafficking, eventually working one of the most profitable drug rings, controlled by Joe Corrola in partnership with North Holland Hustlers. Family maintains strong presence in Little Italy of Algonquin, Uptown neighborhoods and Aldreny. All known members are ex-lovers of Mary Valvona, all of them much younger than her. IMO, the strangest mafia family in entire GTA series.

I'm 100 percent sure that they are counterpart to Genovese Crime Family, as both families have same turfs - Little Italy, Algonquin (Little Italy, Manhattan), North Holland (Harlem) and Aldreny (New Jersey), both families control drug trafficking, while some of their allies on the Commision are trying to avoid that.


Chart as of 2008

Boss: Unknown

Street Boss: Mary Valvona (woman boss, WTF)

Underboss: Unknown

Consigliere: Arthur Zapulla

Captains: Joe Corrola (deceased), Vito Menotti (possibly, government informant)

Soldiers: Mario Venturella


Messina Crime Family

Led by Harvey Noto, who established himself as a boss after long bloody conflict inside the family. He is also a personal friend of Jon Gravelli, thus making two families a close allies. Family controls labor racketeering, construction, extortion and prostitution. They have turf in Little Italy, Algonquin and their homebase in Dukes.

Family is influenced by Bonnano Crime Family, who also had violent internal conflicts in their history. They also have similarities in turf Algonquin (Manhattan) and Dukes (Queens). Just like the Bonnanos are allied with powerful Gambinos, who helped them to restore their seat on the comission, Messinas are allied with Gambettis.

Their name is a possible reference to Joseph Massino, boss of the Bonanno Crime family, who turned state's evidence in 2004.


Chart as of 2008:

Boss - Harvey Noto

Underboss: Unknown

Consigliere: Harry Hall (No official Irish members in the history of real life LCN, probably reference to Tom Hagen)

Captains: Mark Volpe (probably murdered), Fredo Volpe (police informant)

Soldiers: Unknown

Associates: Union Official (TBOGT, possibly deceased)


Lupisella Crime Family

Officialy headed by Vincent Lupisella, who took over after murdering his twin brother in a power struggle in 1950's. Lupisella Family controlled many lucrative rackets back in the days. Not much known about it's members. Family keeps strong presence in Bohan and Algonquin. Vincent Lupisella allegedly suffering from Alzheimers, retiring and handing power to his dim-witted nephew Mark Lupisella, who recieved his nickname "Loopy" due to his low IQ and passion for violence. It is rumored that Vincent is still in charge. Lupisellas are the only family that sucessfuly avoid goverment prosecutions and informants for years.

They are based off Lucchese Crime Family, who also conduct their business quietly and don't get too much media and goverment attention. They also have turf similarities. Bohan (Bronx), Lower Westside Algonquin (Lower Westside Manhattan).


Chart as of 2008:

Boss: Vincent Lupisella

Underboss/Street Boss: Mark Lupisella

Consigliere: Unknown (Moe Schwartz unofficial)

Captains: Sonny Honorato (possibly, deceased)

Soldiers: Unknown

Associates: Moe Schartz


Ancelotti Crime Family

Weakest of all families, head by Giovanni Ancelotti who took over around 1978, after his uncle and boss of the family died. Prior to this they were at war with Gambettis. One of Gambetti top members, Jon Gravelli had a chance to kill Ancelotti's uncle, but spared him. They were also at war with Messina's at some point. They seem to maintain good relationship with Pavanos. During 1990's they also were at martesses with Pegorinos, who were trying to get a seat on Comission and started a conflict with Ancelotti's, as they were the weakest family. As of 2008 Ancelotti Family is still at war path with Gambettis, Messinas and Pegorinos. They are controlling waste management business, night clubs, extortion and are trying to muscle in union rackets of the Messinas. Family holds their turf in Aldreny and Algonquin, Little Italy. Many members of the family are known and family takes a big role in both GTA IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Ancelotti Crime Family is most likely the fictionalized version of Colombo Crime Family. Both are the weakest families on the Comission, both have same turf (Algonquin = Manhattan), but Colombos do not have any territory in New Jersey (Aldreny). Both families survived a few wars against strongest families, but still active and holding their turf.


Chart as of 2008:

Boss: Giovanni "Old Man" Ancelotti

Underboss: Charles "Chubby Charlie" Matteo (deceased)

Consigliere: Unknown

Captains: Anthony "Tony Black" Spoleto (deceased), Frankie Garone (deceased)

Soldiers: Rocco Pelosi (retired), Antonio Rivette (possible, deceased)

Associates: Uncle Vince (deceased), Mark (deceased), Anthony (deceased), Tony (deceased), Benny (deceased), Sal (deceased)


Pegorino Crime Family

Small time Cosa Nostra Family, based in The State of Aldreny. Led by James "Jimmy Peg" Pegorino, who took over the family from his father after his death. Pegorino's are not taken seriously by Five Families, although Jimmy desperatley trying to get a seat on the Comission, doing favors for them, like letting Pavanos operate in Aldreny. Pegorinos are secretly trying to weaken Ancelotti Family, by using Irish Mob as a muscle. They are trying to escalate conflict between Albanians and Ancelottis, reaching some kind of sucess. Pegorinos maintain strong presence in Northern Aldreny, taking control over blue-collar crimes, like armed robberies, hijackings, fencing stolen goods, extortion, illegal gambling. They are also trying to muscle in waste management and construction. Jimmy Peg operates of Honkers Strip Club in Aldreny, making it family's HQ of sorts. They also have italian food restaurant Drusillas as a front, owned by Ray Boccino.

Pegorinos are based of New Jersey DeCavalcante Crime Family, who also became inspiration for DiMeo/Soprano Crime Family in HBO TV Series - The Sopranos. Just like DeCavalcantes or the Sopranos from the show, they are weak Jersey family, that get no place on the commision, but still tying to do business with New York, sometimes getting into conflicts with them. There are few references to Sopranos: Jimmy Pegs house and driveway to it reminds Tony Soprano's Mansion, Honkers Strip Club resemble Bada-Bing! joint from the show. There's also a Satrialle Pork Store a block away from Lost MC Clubhouse, but it doesn't figure in any storyline, just an easter egg.


Chart as of 2008:

Boss: Jimmy Pegorino (deceased)

Underboss: Unknown

Consigliere: Unknown (Phil Bell unofficial, retired)

Captains: Ray Boccino (deceased)

Soldiers: Anthony Corrado (informant, deceased), Luca Silvestri (deceased), Peter Marchetti (deceased), Marco Bonnaro (deceased)

Associates: Joseph DiLeo (deceased), John Barbosa (deceased), Frankie Gallo (deceased/retired), Ray's Goon (TLAD, deceased), Niko Bellic (formely), Gerald McReary (formely), Patrick McReary (formely)









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real nice ,man.

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Is the entire OP a copypaste from GTA wiki?


I don't think there's much to discuss. 90% of these characters do not appear in any of the three games, and most are only mentioned in the police records. Such a shame that they created a deep background for the story, yet a lot of stuff went unused.

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