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Moving away from Natives

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Hi All,


I have modified my version of GTALua2 to not use natives at all.


The idea is to be able to keep playing the game with GTALua2 right after it gets updated, so there will be no need to wait for an updated ScriptHookV or native translation table anymore.

For now I have added a few patterns I use to spawn vehicles and have fun doing Franklin's missions on an APC, but I may be adding more later.


I hope other people will get interested too, and maybe collaborate adding more functions and patterns.


I have named this project GTALuaF (F for Game Functions).

There's a DLL proxy based and an injectable version, so it can be used also with MP mods like FiveM and such.

So far it ONLY supports the Social Club version of the game, as I got rid of the Steam cancer myself.

I am a Steam survivor now.


Feel free to download, comment and collaborate. It would be awesome to get the list of patterns bigger and even more useful to everyone.

Feel free to send over patterns and functions directly to me on the discord channel, in case you can't (or don't want to) send GitHub pull requests.


The source code is at http://mockbatheb.org/, go have at it. (and at my other projects if feel you like)


One important thing: Even though it looks like it could be used online, IT CAN'T and it WILL GET YOU BANNED if you do so.

So, you've been warned, if you want to try and use it online anyways, be my guest, and enjoy your ban.



Mockba the Borg.


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