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Got bored with I/E. What now?

Bruce Khansey

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As title says, I'm no more into I/E, I just get bored even if I have the fastest stealing missions. I know it's a fast way to earn some decent money but I just got sick of it.


What I'm asking is: what else can I try?

I have a bunker and I never get tired of resupplying it and selling stuff, so that's really fine.


I read that crates/special cargo has outlived its purpouse and it's pretty boring too, so you tell me.


I bought a hangar in FZ and it has its perks, but 90% of the time missions are too long and definitely not worth the time spend.


So I suppouse the only thing left is a business with the Motorcycle Club. I could take advantage of the various discounts, buy cocaine/meth lab and fully upgrade it since I have 4 millions $.


Any tip/suggestion?



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Do all what ya mentioned you do, but with a bounty and attempt to survive it.


Then find some usual suspects up to CEO4 or MC8.


Complete 5 gang attacks of the same gang i.e.; professionals, Lost.


After fifth gang attack everyone will get said bounty from gang leader.


:) I Chang

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It took a long time, but my motorcycle businesses are now a deep part of my overall profit strategy. I just purchase and sell. Rarely steal supplies.


The trick to passive income is having all of them and bouncing back and forth between each thing. Simulates variety at the very least.



The hard part is getting over the hump of all of the initial property and upgrade purchases, and then your expenses on supplies.


With earnings of 15, 17, and 20 million in my cash, meth, and coke businesses, respectively, I'd say more than half of all that earned is profit after all expenses.


Not bad.

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I wouldn't advice MC business to someone who get bored from earning 4 Mio with IE...


-if you buy supplies you eat your margins

-if you steal supplies its more grindy than IE(and thats 15k per run...or 30k if a van, not 80k)

-if you steal supplies alone its even more grindy

-if you do it with friends as its intented, you play the supply missions x4, the delivery x4, because obviously you will have to rotate orgs.

-there is a solution to optimize your businesses, but well, at the end its still a grind.


The MC contracts are nice though, decent payouts, and well designed. Made 8Mio from those contracts, I still enjoy them after thousand hours on GTA, good ratio fun/immersion/payout.


I made 42 Mio or something with cocaine. I just think the bunker is better, better missions, more rentable, the pool of delivery vehicles is better.


As said Flexcreator in another thread, play less, play max 1hour/day everyday.

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