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GTA 5 single player Altrusit bug?


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Hey how is it goin guys.. So today I cames across a little bug. Do you guys know anything about it?


Here's what happened... I completed the altruist shootout long ago. Today I happend to do Snatched random event(The one wehere a girl is abducted by lost mc) and suddnely it said I could deliver her to the altruist cult. So I delivered her there but nothing happens. Altruist gates were opened. I could go inside. But nothing happened.


I dont remeber this happening with usrula hitchhiker but I am not 100% sure. So is this a bug? Do you happen to know anything about it?


Thank you very much for any help :)

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this is unfinished side option and probably the notice about delivering to altruists has been forgotten to be removed after you finish the altruists when you got some related events to be completed yet, not a bug just oversight by Rockstar!

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it's just a mistake of rockstar, killing altruists has no proper ending screen/scene after it so it's obvious they forgot to remove the prompt to bring more victims after its done, they rushed out of SP support so quickly it was left unfinished.

most of players haven't bothered to do more than it is needed for killing altrusits so noone have reported this yet but i am one of few who also noticed and realised whats up with it.

Edited by ACM-Jan
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Thanks for the help ACM-Jan, So I went to the spot and completed the event as michael. LOL I am trying to 100% the game and I am near to 70%. It's amazing How I am still dicovering things. Have a great day :)

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