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Official General

Most memorable gun battles and shootouts on Liberty City's streets - yours ?

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Official General

I was playing IV recently after going a long while without playing it. I got into a bunch of shootouts which reminded me of just how much fun I have with this game. The gun effects and sounds in IV were so good that shootouts never felt boring. These are my experiences of them, a few of which I list.


Location: Westminster Housing Projects, North Holland, Algonquin.

Time: Around 8pm.


Event described: I was playing as Niko hanging in the Westminster Housing Projects with Dwayne and his boys, when a rival black gang member approached me, started some trouble which led to a gun fight. Dwayne's boys and a whole bunch of rival black gang members pulled out their guns and started shooting, there was bullets flying everywhere, bystanders running around screaming and shouting. A taxi cab river on a nearby street tried to reverse and do a U-turn to escape the gunfire, but a stray bullet struck him in the head, he lost control of his car and crashed into a fire hydrant, which sprayed water. Two gang members were left dead, and one of Dwayne's boys was also killed.


Location: Street corner near Homebrew Café in Beechwood City, Broker.

Time: ​10:30pm


Event described: ​I was playing as Luis, hanging out with Dominican drug dealers on the street corner, when a Jamaican Posse gang member bumped into me. I pushed him, and threatened to shoot me. After a few seconds, he pulled out a pistol and started shooting at me. Immediately the Dominican drug dealers pulled out their own guns and started shooting at the Jamaican gang members. One Jamaican gang member pulled out a shotgun and blasted at me, but he hit a vagrant instead, killing him instantly. A taxi cab drove past, and a Dominican drug dealer was in the passenger seat - he smashed the window open, stuck out his hand holding an Uzi, and started spraying bullets at the Jamaicans, while the taxi drove by. I ran into the Homebrew Cafe for shelter, but a Dominican guy burst through the door with an Uzi and shot up the bar. Both gangs had a couple of their members killed, but the Jamaicans were outgunned in the end - the rest ran away, and one was left - the remaining Dominicans, around 3 of them surrounded the Jamaican and all fired several bullets into his body, even when he lay on the floor already dead.


Please use this share your own similar experiences, with the location and time given also - preferably shooutouts that did not involve cops, but if you can only offer those examples, then go ahead. I would love to hear other members accounts !!

Edited by Official General

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Near the Hove Beach station, I was being dumb with a pistol and pointing it at random peds, seeing them put their hands up and run away in fear. Then one of the NPCs pulled a shotgun on me, and all of a sudden there were like 10 Russian Mafia members shooting AKs, uzis, pistols and shotguns all over the place. The street in front of the station became a battleground full of abandoned cars with their doors open for cover. I shot some Mafia members, and then some police cars rolled by and started shooting the remaining members. After some minutes, the police killed all of them as I was just watching hidden behind a car.


sh*t was crazy.

Edited by DOUGL4S1

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Playin' as Niko. I was walkin' around Little Italy in Algonquin, looking for trouble. I've pushed a fat fella in tracksuit, he called me a "cocksucker", pulled out his glock and started gun fight, which resulted him being shot in the mug with a pump-action shotgun. That attracted attention from all local wiseguys and they decided to kick my ass, but tough slavic enforcer put a fight to them, resulting four more of the Sopranos Cast to be gunned down and me receiving police attention. The last one actually admitted he was wrong, saying something like "Don't kill me, I'm just some old schmuk!"

After gunning down few officers who tried to arrest me, I decided to retreat up north, shooting back attacking police officers, FIB and NOOSE teams.

I actually ended up jumping off Rotterdam Tower. Just for lulz.

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One of my latest police rampages ended with Niko getting his head smashed by an incoming FIB Buffalo. :alien:

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Around Niko's safehouse in alderney after doing an assasination with dwayne's boys we tried to make our getaway in a van the boys were shooting out the back of the van at police ,until I eventually crashed we all got out and started shooting ,the whole street was filled with dead cops after I saw noose coming I jumped in a car and started driving off one dude got in the car with me and the other was left behind I looked back right when a cop shot him with a shotgun as he was trying to get up,He distracted the cops though and I managed to escape ,I was disgusted it was the most brutal moment I have witnessed in GTA ,he was helpless it was like witnessing a lamb to the slaughter.

Edited by raebbitos

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Algonquin Assassin

I remember once near the taxi depot what started off as one on one confrontation with one of the Russians quickly escalated into a battle with them and the cops. After a while I just stood back and watched them all wipe each other out.


Oh and countless Happiness Island shootouts. That place is great because of its isolation.

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The Pay n Spray at the top of Algonquin has multiple ladders, I like to just sit at the top of the building and aim at the top of the ladder, as soon as I see a pigs head BAM. So many bodies in a huge pile.

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Hot Pursuit

Having a three-way firefight between Niko, Polices, and Lost MC in Fishmarket South when doing my vigilante duty

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Cool idea for a topic. It was during the Gracie stranger mission, she's sees you walking past her house when she calls for the goon squad and you're taking fire from multiple enemies. I was lightly armed, only the glock and no body armour, had to pick my shots, health was low when the LCPD showed up and suddenly it was a mexician standoff. An LCPD officer was taken out but they made quick work of what was left of the Ancelotti's.


The Ancelotti's were finished so the LCPD then advanced on me, took a nearby PMP 600 and took off, but not before a shotgun blast left me with a sliver of health and three tires. A chase entailed where I barely made in to the subway tracks, from there I ran until I got outside the wanted circle.


That's what Niko calls a Monday morning.

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Couple of year's back i'd play the MP for hour's , but anyway's in a MP Freeroam lobby i did a spin in a car off a jump at the airport then i turned around and saw a guy chasing me before i hit the jump then i pulled out one of my pistol's (don't remember the name lol) then one shot killed the guy right in the head in mid air lol


One of the most memorable moment's from Gta IV Online i had lol

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Luke Ferris

Calling the police on the phone whilst Niko is hunkering down behind a wall or car for the mission Smackdown, as Niko prepares to take out Bucky's crew in the house, generally leads to an interesting shootout. The police often take out most of Bucky's crew for you, although it takes them a while, shooting and rolling and ducking and diving. It's fascinating to watch them at it.

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I remember I was over by the park where dereck used to be at taking a walk and I shot a pigeon and some Holland Hustlers got out their car and started shooting next thing I know the police came and they had a huge shootout at first I thought I was the one being shot at but once I took cover and pulled out my gun to shoot I noticed they was shooting at each other one got arrested and the other got killed the shootout was so realistic I never forgot about it


I remember doing a drive by in South Bohan and killed this young looking dude with cornrows while he was on the wall it just felt like a scene out of a movie how a young teen can be at the wrong place at the wrong time Bohan is pretty much safe though now days since its 2017 in my gta 4 a lot has changed since 08

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