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There's nothing there after are you going to san fierro?mission!



No more help needed OrionSR was right thx a lot mate!or man!pls dont del this post do because i want others to see how to fix the problem!And thanks lil weasel for replaying aswell!

To OrionSR!

I skipped some missions like 2 or 3 and the icon came NOW!THANKS A LOT ORIONSR!!!


Hello people i wouldn't mind if you stopped here to help me! :panic::panic::panic::panic::panic::panic::panic:

I luv gta San Andreas and i don't know when ill change my opinion!

But iv ONE simple problem D:!

So after passing the mission

Are You Going To San Fierro?

There's no more other missions!

Any Ideas would be 100% appreciated!




WAS my English bad?

i guess so nope!





Please Replay Quick And ill be happy!

Ill keep myself updated with you guys for any news!

Btw i am using the spaceeinstein all in one mod!

I only use the skip mission one!

Thanks for reading this post!






Best of Regards





-Gru or GruDru888




Oh yeah before i go here's something just in case YES the save file!



This is my first post so please don't bring hate on me :D

CYA GUYS :lol::r*::karmaeater::facedesk::pirate: Enjoy the emojis at the end!

Edited by GruDru888

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4 answers to this question

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lil weasel

Which game version did you Buy?

What is your Operating System?

Is the Game Modified in ANY way?

Have you used a Mission Passer?

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It looks like your next mission is fine but the marker is missing. Just turn around and walk towards the red door to trigger a mission. If you get lost check a YouTube video for the correct mission start location.


That's twice recently that this marker has gone missing. Are you using any other mods?

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lil weasel and OrionSR

Thanks for replaying i really appreciate it!

lil weasel Read this!

Windows 8.1 and yes i used a mission passer,YES it is modded!it has the all in one mod by spaceenstein 1.0 is the exe!ill play it today so ill just walk around or something

OrionSR read this!

Yes.I am using another mod called DYOM.Hopefully you heard of it or know what it is.Maybe even check on internet if not!ill check the technique what you told me!But i only use the skip mission one which is inside the all in one mod by spaceenstein




Best regards:

Gru or GruDru888




this might get edited if i can lol! :lol:

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Fixed it im happy OrionSR you were correct :D

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