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Pro Mercenary/Assassin/bodyguard For Hire


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My PSN is Artypickles and my Ytube channel is Artypickles PvP. I'm a top tier PvPer who runs a legit account, so I don't have access to vasts amount of modded money. I spend what little I make as fast as I make it with all the fighting I do.


I find that, alongside buying and selling weapons cargo, having another willing player give me their share of the money while taking turns with Sightseer and Exec Search is a great way to turn a profit.


So, let's make a deal. I'll hunt down anybody you like via party search/IP pulling/friending, body the crap out of 'em for a half hour, and post the proof on my channel in exchange for three turns of Exec Search/Sightseer with me recieving 100% of the money, a take of around 150k per target.


I'll also work as an elite bodyguard or mercenary, two fully paid Exec Searches per hour of service. I can singlehandedly crush whole crews, body full MCs, and make almost any lobby empty or passive within an hour or two.


I do have a headset. If you're interested, just post your PSN and I'll send a Friend Request.

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The Wandering Hunter

wait you can hunt someone down by pan name alone?


on ps4?


id be interested and have no need for money. when the hunter comes out some ground support would be useful.

Edited by The Sole Survivor
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If you'd check my channel, you'll see I'm an ace chopper pilot. Also, to track another player all I need is their PSN.

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I'm interested and I'm willing to pay you a full 100% of a pac standard heist finale per hunt, i want you to be my


Edited by Intertiamo
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