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I just got DDoSd


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I was running around free mode with 2 friends and we were attacked by 2 other players. After they lost the battle they both disconnected and about a minute later I am booted from GTA online and cannot connect to the internet. I am not using my internet to post this. Is it possible to report these players for DDoSing me? Also one of the other players messaged my friend and asked what happened to me as if he knew that I was being ddosed. My friend hasn't responded and how long will I be ddosed for? Also I'm playing on ps4.

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Is it possible to report these players for DDoSing me?


My friend hasn't responded and how long will I be ddosed for? Also I'm playing on ps4.


I think they only way you'd be able to report them is by knowing their PSN ID and Social Club ID.

For the former, raise a complaint with the PlayStation Network and for the latter, create a support ticket although there's no guarantee at all, that'll do anything.


Nobody could really tell you how long it'll be for - from what I know it's usually a couple of hours outage, but I've heard people saying they were offline for days. Obviously I'd be getting in touch with my Internet Service Provider if that were the case and ask them what, if anything, can be done to prevent future attacks. That way you've logged the problem, and if any more nonsense happens, you can complain to the ISP and say the service you're paying for isn't being provided, because you've lost internet access (regardless of who's fault it is).

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If you've got a dynamic IP address (which you probably do), just restart your router and your IP address will change.

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