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MC Coke Business

Mr Spanky

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Just bought a coke business, upgraded the staff and facilities, so, now, I have a couple of questions....


1, can you use your PV for the sales? Or is it specific, like the GR sales?


2, is there a single player sell value limit, before more players are required?


3, is it single drop off points, or multiple?


Thanks in advance

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1) A sale/ delivery vehicle will be provided for you. They're usually buffed and more armoured than the usual though.


2) Nope, I think you're always told "larger sales require more members", but they're easily solo-able (well most of those sale missions, the Boxville Van may be the exclusion).


3) I think that depends on how much product you're selling. There is one type of sale though which uses the MTL Pounder (truck) and that's one where you only have one destination, and that's it. Actually I've had that Pounder delivery mission when it was the Coke, Cash and Meth businesses. I only ever sell when the stock is full, and every time it's usually multiple drop-off points, unless like mentioned with the Pounder.

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3) I think that depends on how much product you're selling. There is one type of sale though which uses the MTL Pounder (truck)


For cocaine there is also a little truck, and a van similar to Speedo, but they don't spawn often. That MTL Pounder is much more frequent.


All three are single vehicles with unique drop offs.

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For coke the limit for one vehicle is 126k far sale (with upgrades) or 1,5 bars of product. You will be told you may need more people in your org but will only get one for sure. :)

Edited by mrgstrings
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The $126k figure, is that the local price or the distance price?


When selling, it gives two options with two different prices

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Far sale = distant price. :)

Edited by mrgstrings
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No, it is 2x 84k = 168k for one complete load of supplies or in your case it would be 126k+42k. You will have one bar of product (84) after about an hour, it is up to you if you want to risk waiting for 126k.


If you wait too long you get the 168k and 2 vehicles. Bunker is better on that, giving one vehicle guaranteed for one shipment of supplies. I am one of those who buy supplies so I can do other things until I have to sell.


If you decide to do that, do not start selling until your supplies have arrived or you will get a "transaction failed error" and no money. This is a bug that came with GR I think, dunno it it's fixed already.

Edited by mrgstrings
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