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Bunker sell question..


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Just wondering starting from empty 1 full supply bar after consumption amounts to 1 vehicle when it comes to selling, 2 full supply bars after consumption amounts to 2 vehicles & so on?

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175000gta$ will give you one vehicle.anything above that will give you two.

one bar of supplies is 100 units.

with two upgrades ,a unit of product=7000gta$ every 7 minutes. and 5 units of supplies will be consumed(every 84 seconds,a unit is consumed)


for one vehicle of product you will need 125 units of supplies.


i believe i did not make any mistakes and i hope it's clear enough for you mate (y)

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Yeah, with the bunker fully upgraded you get $140k of stock from one full supply bar which takes just over two hours. I buy supplies and sell in the city for $210k which means you can make a fairly easy $135k (plus the bonus if you sell in a populated lobby) every two hours or so.

Edited by Milesinho
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And then there's also that thing whereby the lower the amount of supplies you currently have for your Bunker, the more chance of there being less delivery vehicles. I can't remember exactly but think it's something like "if the bunker is fully stocked, and the supplies are less than 20%, you'll get a 2 vehicle delivery (like the Phantom Wedge vs police delivery) 50% of the time".

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Thanks for the info, I normally sell from one vehicle at a time as I'm normally on my own, but I was in a lobby with this person who happened to have the same Bunker as me (Farmhouse) and he had to monster trucks, I asked him if it was from filling the supply bar twice & he said yes.. just wondered if that was the case.. thanks for the advise everyone :)




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