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2017 Los Santos Marathon...anyone want to join?


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.Diana McFarland.

Should have made the marathon around Mt. Chilliad only

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This reminds me of the 2nd triathlon in San Andreas, which takes you around the entire state. Good memories.

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I did it, fellas! Told you I'd do it. I'm a bit winded, so I'll jsut post my checkpoint times. Pictures will come later


Checkpoint 1 - 12:24


Checkpoint 2 - 25:31


Checkpoint 3 - 33:39


Checkpoint 4 - 40:29


GOAL! - 50:25


I ran along the road, and noticed that the path betweencheckpoint 3 and goal was a bit odd. It seems to follow the train tracks and not the road. Might have messed up, but I don't think I gained any time...


EDIT: I'm uploading pics onto my steam. Shouldn't be too hard to find for those who want early peeks.

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