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Recommended Posts


This is a topic to discuss the comic book The Walking Dead.


So lets discuss everything up to and including the latest issues. This means spoilers galore. So leave now if you dont want to find out the issue where Andrea dies, or that Rick doesnt kill Negan after All Out War.


Issue #171 came out earlier this month and introduced us to a character named The a Princess of Pittsburgh. A young woman in a furry pink jacket, and purple hair, who seems to have been living alone in Pittsburgh for at least a year. She confronts Michonne and her group as they travel to meet Eugenes secret radio lover.


Part of me hopes she is what she says she is, and part of me wants her to be the new Negan and a complete psychopath.

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Finished 171 last night. The whole discussion between Eugene and Siddiq feels rather awkward. Eugene thanks Siddiq for telling him about Rosita anyway. No emotions either. I was expecting more of Rick's appearance in this issue. 172 is about the re-building of Hilltop. 2 more days to go.

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I finally got around to issue 172. I knew something was going to happen at the end. It was just too quiet of an issue. Too peaceful.

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It was rather strange that all was too peaceful. Rick, Paul William and Maggie had some nice interactions in this issue. What's with Sophia though? Also, Beta appearance was something I didn't expect.

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YES!! finally a place where i can discuss the walking dead comics. the walking dead comic is the best. better than the show in my opinion. yea last issue was very interesting. i was sad about not seeing negan. but issue 174 is all about him. i dont know about any of you but i find the princess a very cool character. i cant wait to learn more about her. also what do you think dwight is gonna do? i have a feeling he is planning something bad. also since we are talking about twd. what is everyones top 3 characters. mine are.





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So, anyone have thoughts on the bombshell in #175 and 176?


I almost teared up at the end of #176. Didnt think it the reunion would happen so fast. Im very happy for Michonne. She has had a bunch of sh*t happen to her through the whole series, and finally something truly good has happened to her.

If you havent read it yet, her daughter, Elodie, is alive in the Commonwealth.



The Commonwealth looks interesting, but if Im the Alexandria gang, I dont necessarily think its THAT much more appealing than what they already have.

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