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All movies suck these days.


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yeah literally every movie that has ever came out recently has been totally abysmal and has no merit in any way shape or form whatsoever

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Are you kidding? This might be the golden age for movies, especially since we're getting connected superhero universes (something that only happened in comics before) and good Star Wars movies, as just some examples. There were plenty of classics back in the day, but also a bunch of really bad movies that somehow got popular and well-remembered. Like the Star Wars prequels.

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OP you're gonna have to expand on that if you want to actually start a discussion. While I'm seeing generally less innovation in Hollywood with the countless remakes and comic caper focus I could never say all movies sucks these days. What does these days even indicate? this last week? last year or last 10?

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depends what you mean by "movies."


I agree that most mainstream / blockbuster movies are garbage.

too many reboots. too many sequels, too many prequels. too many comic books. too many super heroes. zero originality. zero creativity. zero artistic merit. poor acting. poor writing. they all look identical because they all rely on excessive CGI and green screens and ADHD-editing styles.


but at the end of the day this only accounts for about half the movies being made.

as long as you're not talking about Summer blockbusters, I'd argue that there are still plenty of great films being made. and it's actually a great time to be a young filmmaker. we're getting more international directors, we're hearing more stories from outside the tired old Western genres, we're exposed to the ideas and values of female writers and other minorities who have long been shunned by the mainstream film industry.


you just have to choose carefully.

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Do you agree?

I'm gonna lock this one up right now, you're welcome to create this topic again* if you can start off with some reasons why you think that this is the case, as that would help to encourage the discussion. But to start off a with a one-liner... it's doesn't do anything.


*Terms and Conditions apply: May be met with a warning if history repeats itself.

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