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Triad gang in GTA III/LCS


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Soo here we go, it makes me think lately why does GTA III/LCS Triad wear a fish worker uniform while in GTA SA, the Triad wear a black suit which is look respectful and stylish and it is another way around with LC Triad uniform. Does Liberty City Triad have any relation with San Fierro Triad? and as far did I know, Triad is known as organized crime like Mafia or Yakuza which it shown in GTA SA, while in GTA III/LCS, Triad more likely to be a street gang.

Edited by Terrc87
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Queen Elizabeth II

In the Navy!


I don't know, but it is an interesting topic. I think that these two are not really related to each other, or maybe after 10 years they decided to be more honest about their real purpose in the United States - catching fish?

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It seems that the fish factory is just a front while inside it might be a drug factory of SPANK even tho the Triad controlled Mr. Wong's Laundrette for them daily extortion, it might be the LC Triad begins transforming to organized crime.

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LC Triads and SF Triads probably aren't related at all. The SF Triads seem to be more of an oldschool moral type outfit and the LC Triads are running a gritty drug operation out of a fish market and engaging in gang wars over turf and sh*t

Edited by ViceOfLiberty
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The fish worker uniform just makes them look inconspicuous. Like in old radical left pamphlets like "Steal this book", "Anarchist Cookbook", etc. they say if you're gonna commit a crime or bombing whatever, dress like a bum and hang around so the authorities will go THATS NO THREAT TO US HES HOMELESS! So given that, the LC Triads are staying more inconspicuous than the SF ones, the SF ones obviously flashing their ill gotten gains with suits, etc. while the LC ones are just trying to blend in.

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Actually, in LCS Triads are wearing tracksuits instead of fish robes. Perfect outfit for mob soldiers.

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Mo Money, Mo Problem

They are probably not the same Triad's in San Andrea's as Gta III/LCS which meaning they are probably not related like Queen Elizabeth II mentioned previously.


I gotta say though i'm pretty curious as well.


By The Way Interesting Topic

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Mm, it seems the LC Triad artillery isnt packed enough unlike SF Triad who wields AK47 too meanwhile LC Triad only have a meat cleaver, pistol and sometimes a Micro SMG.

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It seems that the fish factory is just a front

Yep, that's what I think. They even drive the Fish Vans.

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