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GTAForums Weekly Issue 28

Recommended Posts




Week of September 17th - September 23rd






Welcome to the twenty-eighth issue of the GTAForums Weekly newsletter!



This week, our own @Spider-Vice had posted a new topic here in the News sub-forum regarding Rockstar's latest tease on RDR2. While nothing has been shown or announced yet, we can expect to hear officially from R* on September 28th at 11 AM EST. With all sorts of speculation arising, what are you personally wishing for? A fresh trailer? More screenshots? Let us know in a post below. Of course, you can also read more about this in Spider's Rockstar Central segment down below.

Voting is underway for Season 3 of the GTAF Snap Battle, as well! Since the booths opened about a week ago, a lot of votes have already been cast. If you're interested in participating, you have until September 28th at 9 AM GMT to get your votes in. The first place winner of Season 3 will win a bunch of physical GTA V radio station buttons. Good luck to all!

Speaking of snaps, a new issue of Customs, Cruisers, and Classics has been published earlier in the week. As mentioned in the previous issue, @V4S will be featuring and interviewing multiple members from the Goon Squad crew.

The Annis Elegy Retro Custom is dominating the Declasse Voodoo Custom in Week 22 of the Weekly Vehicle Showdown. Since it only begun a few days ago, you still have plenty of time to vote in this as well, so don't procrastinate.

Happy birthday to The Safehouse! Two years ago, The Safehouse was launched as a private lounge for members of Certified Crews & Groups.in September of 2015, similar to the older lounge for the Official Gang Alliance.

Also, welcome back to @GTAKid667, who recently rejoined the GTA Series Staff team.

GTAForums currently has a total of 15,059,697 total posts (+12,139 from last week) and 715,868 total members (+383 from last week) at the time this is being posted.






Welcome to the twenty-eighth week of Rockstar Central! I’m your host, @Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.



Red Dead Redemption 2




The silence has been broken! Rockstar has done the unthinkable and has announced a date for the next Red Dead Redemption 2 news! Thursday, 28 September 2017 at 11 AM ET or 4 PM BST. Check this out on the Newswire and get hype! Will it be a trailer? Info about the character(s) or the story? A release date? Discuss over at the RDR2 forums!

Rockstar General

After the #SMUGGLERS Snapmatic contest, Rockstar this week has announced the #SMUGGLERS Rockstar Editor Contest! If you have the skills to show off your best moments and all the action that smuggling guns entails, then this contest is for you. Winners will be eligible to win the Rockstar Editor Trophy, a customised Director’s Chair and the official GTA V Varsity Jacket with a customised Director’s patch! Runners-up won’t be left emptyhanded, as they will be eligible to win a $100 Rockstar Warehouse Gift Card and an official GTAV deluxe price pack of collectibles!

You must only follow a few simple rules to be able to enter:

- Your video must feature content from Smuggler’s Run

- It must be between two and five minutes in length

- You must publish it to the Rockstar Games Social Club with the hashtag #SMUGGLERS between 12am ET on September 20th and 11:59pm ET on October 9th. To do this, just upload your video directly from the Editor, even if you’re on PC.

- The video must be made entirely using the Rockstar Editor’s tools. No advanced editing on PC with external tools like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Sony Vegas and the like, to make it fair for everyone.

Winners will be announced early this fall!

On the same vein, the #Gunrunning Rockstar Editor Contest winners were announced and you can check out their videos here!

For those that wear Rockstar colours and/or collect them, Rockstar has restocked the Warehouse with the Merryweather Security Cap. It’s available in both Black and Fatigue colours and is a 100% cotton cap with a Merryweather patch logo on the front. Also, back in stock are a few tees from the Rockstar Apparel Collection, such as the Barcode, Flowers and Mason tees. Check out the latest Collection here.

GTA Online

Mother Russia would be proud of this next GTA Online addition, and rightly so! The latest addition to GTA Online is a pretty damn nice war plane, the RM-10 Bombushka! It has seating for six and enough power to flatten a small village. It sports front, top and rear mounted guns, so you can make sure no one is seeing what’s happening or what’s passing above them. The Bombushka is also fully upgradeable, with ammo mods like Explosive, Gas, Incendiary and Cluster Bombs. Get it today from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Along with the release of the new plane, Rockstar has released a brand new adversary mode, Bombushka Run! In a cat and mouse-like game formed by two teams, one team follows and tries to destroy the Bombushka with Buzzards, and the other team pilots and defends the Bombushka all within it with its mounted guns. Who will win, the huge aircraft made with love coming from Mother Russia, or those pesky Merryweather Buzzards? This mode is giving out Double GTA$ and RP through the 28 of September.

Because no bonus week is without discounts, this week, we’ll have 25% off:

- Hangar Workshops

- Aircraft Weapons

- Car and Aircraft Liveries

- Car and Aircraft Resprays

- MOC Cabs

- Executive Offices

There is also a new Premium Race and a new Time Trial, as follows:

- Premium Race: “Water Slide”, locked to the Blazer Aqua

- Time Trial: “Calafia Way”



















and in case you can't contain your excitement..






Be sure to

vote for your favorite snaps in Season 3 of the GTAF Snap Battle! You have until September 28th.










































































Some might ask, "what took you so long to interview @Kirsty?" We'll just say we hope you enjoy this lengthy and interesting chat!



unbid: You've been a member of the community for over six years and counting, but what brought you to GTAF initially?

Kirsty: The first time was because I wanted to know if you could buy safehouses in GTA IV if you dialled the phone numbers on those 'for sale' signs on empty warehouses, you know the ones that are just there for decoration and don't do anything at all... why didn't I just try it for myself instead of asking on a forum? Oh my what a noob. Anyway I searched for GTA help and GTAF was the first thing that came up. That was in 2008, everyone shouted 'no' at me and so with my answer I left and forgot the forums even existed. Then a few years later in 2011 I was seeking out GTA V news, and again GTAF was the first thing that I clicked on and I ended up making this account. I came across 'The Leak Topic' in the V section after someone found those domains that Rockstar registered, and everyone was getting hyped about an announcement. I lived in that topic for ages and was devastated when Ryan locked it because of all the spam! Sometime after that I made ledby, and haven't looked back since.

What's the history / context regarding your username(s)?

About 29 years ago after 12 hours of labour, I came out of my mother's vagina and she expected to see a boy. Apparently Kirsty was the first name that came into her head after she realised she didn't have any girls names ready. Maybe it was after Kirsty MacColl? She was popular in the 80s. Really great origin story of my username, huh? :p

I once went by MissCloud, which was my first registered username here, until Andrew/Gangsta Killa broke admin rules and changed it for me! Everyone used to ask me was it because I liked some Final Fantasy character called Cloud? I've never played Final Fantasy to be honest so had no idea who he was. It goes back to an old name I thought up in school because someone thought my surname was Cloud (it's not, it just sounds kinda similar).

Oh and I've got 'Gunrunning' in my display name history because of totally random reasons from the day where uNi and I were being crazy and promoting the new GTA O update back in June... and I thought what the hell... I don't even know myself why, it was just a spur of the moment thing. Maybe I'll do it again once Red Dead Redemption 2 finally arrives, heh.

As an admin, what do you enjoy most about the forum? What do you love or hate about it?

I just love the character of the place. The different little communities that build out of the subforums. Most of all the members that put so much time and effort into contributing and keeping a good standard of content around. I mean look at GTAF Weekly and the other regular stuff posted just in this News section? You all do such a great job for the benefit of the rest of the forums, what's not to love about that? Members like that keep the forums going most of all.

I hate (well not hate, that's too strong of a word) how stupid some members can be, ya know the trolls and porn spammers and those that give you abuse just because you're trying to keep disruption to a minimum for everyone else? They call us nazis, biased, power hungry etc, had plenty of sexist abuse sent over the years too, but meh, we have a good laugh over it in the staff room. None of us are perfect but staff usually aren't the problem in these scenarios, we're just trying to keep the peace, ya know?

You're one of the most known admins here in the community, so how does that feel?

Oh sh*t lol I dunno about that! Tank will always be the almighty!

Now that we have the Likely Lads (Raavi and Voodoo) on the golden side as well... time to put my feet up! I mean I think I'm known for being a bit of a softie when people ask me for name changes etc, dunno if these guys will be the same or not ;) Best Admin 2017 is gonna be fun this year though isn't it? Does the bribery begin now? Hehehe.

It's a blast though, I've always been grateful for my position here, I don't take it too seriously to let it take over my life nowadays but I'll always be here in some form. Thanks to everyone who ever supported me in stuff, or helped me with things around the forums. I love you all, seriously, you don't have to love me back though.

What would you like to change the most regarding GTAF?

Hmmm well, I wouldn't change anything about the forums at it's core, we can't be doing much wrong if we've continued to attract this many members over so many years. Forums are pretty 'traditional' now compared to social media and Discord etc, but you can't really beat that homely feel of a forum where you get to know everybody and new people are coming in all the time. We get our "down times" of quietness so I can't wait for RDR2 to release so there's some buzz around again.

Feature wise I'd probably do all the things that members tend to ask for that we struggle to provide time for to do, if I could. Like having GTA Garage fixed, having our network sites properly maintained, having a bunch of skins available etc. I'm pretty powerless in that regard but people don't realise the time and effort it takes from Tank to sort out, so we're very lucky to have him and all he continues to do for us to keep us online.

When can we expect IPB4?

On or around Spring 2022, or maybe a little after that, actually no maybe a little before? Hehe. I can't even say. 'v2' was like a forum meme for years, and it did finally happen. Gods, that purpley skin is so awful I don't know how people still use it. IPB4 does exist in some universe, we just haven't got there yet, but we will.

Officially, from what I understand the last time we spoke about it, there were some problems replicating our absolutely enormous database so we could test an upgrade and Tank had to invest in some new drives to do so. It's not just a matter of downloading an update either as lots of IPB3 stuff won't be compatible and will break in the process. So when we were last testing, Adam and Tank first had to build a new skin from the ground up, so it at least looked acceptable appearance wise, because the skin system changed and we can't carry this one over. That's only on the surface of it all too - there's quite a lot of stuff in the backend that Invision added/removed and we now need to change/configure to suit a forum like ours to be able to release it live and still be as functional as we are now, like our moderator tools etc, and small but important things like the fact we use BBcode and tables currently but they've been completely phased out in IPB4. It could get messy, which is why Tank never rushes.

Are there any other improvements / features lined up for the forums in the next year or so?

Hmmm none that I can really 'announce' as such. We have to prioritise so at the top right now is just being patient while we let Tank work on everything we need for IPB4, and there are lot of new things that come with that; new profile layouts etc.

uNi and I try our best to keep the network side of things active, like promoting GTA Online updates, posting on Twitter etc, and we've got plans for when more RDR2 info drops, but the summer has been busy for us so it's been a bit quiet the last few months. Hopefully we'll be getting back into the swing of things from now on though, now we've got Raavi and Voodoo taking care of forum things as well.

Which forum member do you feel closest to?

Ohhh I couldn't pick just one...! This question might be the closest I'll ever get to listing a 'Respect List' so here goes:

We've got a close-knit staff group so I feel pretty close to all of those that volunteer their time to moderate this place; @uNi, @Raavi, @Voodoo, @Spider-Vice, @RedDagger etc in particular since we talk pretty often on Discord. It might always be forum-related stuff but I love these guys, when we put our heads together good things happen.

Of course Andolini Mafia Family. Who would we be without our forum gangs? It's great to be part of the history on these forums that formed long before I joined and will keep going even if we don't post anymore. They're my second family on here and even when we have our disagreements I wouldn't change any of them. Same goes for some of the vets in the OGA backroom too.

My old GTAFMC crew, they know who they are, I'll always treasure those hours we spent in Minecraft. I got a good friend out of that, Matty256, he doesn't post much but he's a good pal.

I've shamefully been sh*t-talking with @Kalvin for a few years as well; watching that kid grow up (or not grow up, as some might say :p) is weird as hell. What is my life?

Plus anyone who has ever PMed me a cat pic. kthx.

What's your favorite Rockstar Games series or title?

I'm terrible at these questions because I don't like picking favourites, but I would go between Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption.

The 3D era of GTA was gamechanging of course but I have a soft spot for GTA IV. It was the first of the HD era, that gritty story, the atmosphere of Liberty City, how can you beat it? There is so much nostalgia that comes with that game and I'll always adore it, along with Niko. It also reminds of the simple days of multiplayer too. It's hard to imagine what thinks would be like now if GTA Online took that format, but here we are. It's better in some ways of course, infinitely more popular, but it doesn't make missing those good old days any easier.

And Red Dead Redemption... well how could you exclude it when talking about Rockstar Games? What a masterpiece of storytelling, they gave us a vast open world of nothingness and gave us something special. We've been talking about RDR2 for over a year now and I can only hope it lives up to it's predecessor. With the rumours of it being a prequel, seeing John Marston again knowing his fate would hurt, but it'll only endear him to us even more.

What ignited your love for cats? Do you own any yourself?

Ignited my love? Almost makes it sound... romantic lol. We've just always had them in the family since I was growing up I guess. I mean I love all animals but cats are ya know, the best, and my spirit animal.

I have 5 cats. I didn't intend to have that many but... some of them are rescues through abandonment and one is blind, so I just couldn't resist. If I win the lotto I'd probably live on a farm or own a cat hotel or something. Or maybe I'll become so bitter with life I literally will become that lady from the Simpsons. Lets hope not.

Do you have any other interests, hobbies, favorite music, and so on? Tell us more about the person behind your alias.

There's not a lot to tell... I'll keep it a mystery.

Seriously, I'm boring, but I'll indulge you somewhat. When not dealing with real life sh*t then I'm probably just doing couch potato stuff? The last game I played was the new Life is Strange prequel which I'm in love with at the moment. Work takes up a lot of my time so I haven't played GTA Online in months, but to be honest I'm kinda burned out on that anyway, I just want RDR2 at this point. Other than that I watch a ton of TV series, I read most nights, and I listen to indie emo music when I'm sad or death metal when I'm working out, so it's pretty mixed.

This place is probably my main hobby too I guess, I've put in a lot of hours here but no regrets. I've never been a big time poster but I'm always watching...

Any final comments? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?

Hi mom.

Mostly just thanks to you guys for asking for an interview. Sorry if it's boring, I feel old doing stuff like this, and I didn't sleep until 5am last night so there might be typos. You're all doing a great job and I really must get around to adding medal entries considering you've kept it going for 6 months! I always look forward to reading and I hope everyone else does too. When we finally update grandtheftauto.net, I hope you won't mind posting it there too.

Cheers! :^::catloaf:




Kanye West - I Wonder






The track succeeding the club banger “Stronger” is one of the most emotional songs in Kanye’s third studio album. The track starts with a sample from “My Song” by British singer Labi Siffre, which runs across the whole track. Ye's lyrical genius captivates the listener in his emotional state, before electronic synths fill the song near the end. Definitely one of the standouts of “Graduation”



Album: Graduation



Genre: Hip-Hop



Release Date: September 11, 2007



Label(s): Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella



Writer(s): Kanye West/Labi Siffre






- Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week



@Ash_735 - Get Modified



- GTAForums News



@slohbur - Graphics Assistant



@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central



@Testarossa - Track of the Week



@unbid - Interviewer



Edited by Android

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Great article. Great Kirsty interview. Great snaps. As always, gotta thank Testarossa like every week for another good track.

Edited by TheOriginalGunslinger

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I've shamefully been sh*t-talking with @Kalvin for a few years as well; watching that kid grow up (or not grow up, as some might say :p) is weird as hell. What is my life?

friendship very quickly over

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I very much enjoyed the interview portion on Kirsty's feline passions and the part about her pet Kalvin.

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Great interview and an overall enjoyable issue. Excellent work!




Five Nutellas out of a possible five.

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Loved the interview this week. Great work as always people. :^:

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That interview was meow-gnificant! I'm paw-sitive that Kirsty nailed it on the head about this place with all the cat-racters. Having these personalities around making me feline right at home!

Nah but seriously, great issue. Keeping that standard high makes life just a little bit better. <3



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Had a great read! Great issue Android! :D

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Plus anyone who has ever PMed me a cat pic. kthx.

Eh. Close enough. :catloaf:

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