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Hi achievement help again? One man army?

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Ok so I actually did figure out "Rolled over" now so got that one today. But Now I'm trying to figure out how to get six stars and survive it for 5 minutes? My question is: what's an easy way to earn 6 stars? Like I keep going to that airport area where they automatically give you 4 stars for that, but it seems like no matter how many cops I kill in that area, they just keep me at 4 stars?? Anybody know any good way to easily get 6 stars and keep the 6 stars?? Thanks

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The airport has a glitch where it will always reset your wanted level to 4 stars, no matter how many cops you kill, so if you want 6 stars you'll have to get out of there after you get the 4 stars.

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Start a new game, get a bike, climb onto the rails on Hove Beach station, follow the rails until you get to Algonquin. Because on a new game you wouldn't have unlocked Algonquin yet, you'll instantly get 6 stars. Just cross the Algonquin Bridge and stay in the subway tunnel for 5 minutes to take shelter from helicopters.

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Step 1: get a shottie and ammo

Step 2: Get in Schottler hospital, deep inside

Step 3: let them pigs go inside and if you're patient and don't run out of ammo, you'll eventually get it.


These achievements are easy.

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Go into the apartment in Algonquin that Roman buys with a full wanted level and wait until you get the achievement/trophy.

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