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Story in Next GTA

Recommended Posts


What do you think the story of the next GTA should be about ,it's tone or the protagonists ,what would make the next GTA a good game narratively for you.

I personally want a Pulp Fiction type story ,with multiple protagonists EFLC style, each character having their separate lives but through necessity they f*ck with one another.Habitually.

Edited by raebbitos

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i think it willl be set in vice city for sure

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I have been thinking recently... How about a corrupt cop? With the plot being that he has business with the mob/gangs/whatever but then things start to get out of his control, and IA is behind him. It could be refreshing, but then I realized that the wanted system becomes weird and out of context lol.


Anyway I would like if we got that as a main villain then, or friend of the protagonist.

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Wouldn't mind starting out dirt poor. Being homeless.

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I want it to be called GTA Vice Squad, be in 4K, based between Las Venturas and Vice City.

-The side protagonist is from the Uptown Riders MC. They're always hustling, fighting for their rights and getting in trouble with the law. He gets jailed too, does prison time and a prison break. He lives in a Downtown MC with Malc, DeSean and the Riders.

-The female protagonist is the sister/friend of Karen Daniels and a kingpin's daughter. They fight against the street crime and government crime, while surviving under her fathers crime family. She lives in a small mansion near Vercetti's mansion.

-The main protagonist is a war veteran, martial artist and parkour expert. He lives near the interstate freeway in a trailer behind a AutoShop his brother owned. He has no family left like Tommy, looks for answers like Niko, fights his demons like Trevor and others demons like Max Payne. His family was taken away on his homecoming party from war by hired assassins.

-The prologue beings with his brother picking our protagonist at the train station. He asks if he can drive his Banshee and drives to the homecoming party, As they park his brother gets shot dead by assassins in the Banshee and a handgun drops out the glove box. Desperately killing off assassins to find his family in the prologue and fighting his way to the back of the party. He sees them at gunpoint and without a clear shot of them... the assassins kill his family and take off on a helicopter. The main protagonists jumps in a high speed boat in hopes to catch up and blow their helicopter up with the boat. Swims after a survivor to shore, where he beat him up, demands answers and stomps him out.

-Days pass, he buries his family, buys a plane ticket to Vice City. The opening scene we see is cinematic drone footage of Las Venturas and Vice City before landing in the Vice City Airport. He sees Karen Daniels hop in a Sentinel while waiting for a taxi. He hops in a taxi without knowing Lazlow Jones already called the taxi for himself. Lazlow convince the driver not to worry, talks about Lovefist having trouble and offers our protagonist the job about a drug deal.

-He finishes up the job masked and purchases his deceased brother's AutoShop. The game then google map jumps to our female protagonist, who finds out her cash was stolen and blames it on the drug dealers who got away unharmed... From here they are both needed by Karen Daniels who anonymously calls them both for a secret meeting under a bridge. She interrupts our protagonists at gunpoint, who were about to shoot each other and they join a vice squad with Karan Daniels as the hacker.

-The first chapter ends and the camera google map jumps to our third protagonist. Who is doing prison time in Las Venturas and about to cause prison break. After this prison break, we are free to play as all 3 protagonist across the whole map. The Rider later too is called by Karen before the 2nd chapter ends offering to clear his record, if he and his rider mc join the vice squad.

-The 3rd chapter begins with word of Trevor Phillips wanting a squad to do his dirty work against everything he absolutely hates throughout the chapter...

-As the 4th chapter begins our protagonists are on their own and start seeing Merryweather lead by Don Percival are after them. The main protagonist gets triggered and ask Karen to assemble the squad for one last laugh against the lawman who killed his family.

-The Rider drives a Bati Drag and the Presidente given to him by Malc. The Kingpin's Daughter drives a Mafia Sentinal and the Mercenary drives a Contender. The girls hobby is skateboarding, the riders hobby is freestyle bmx, the veteran is parkour.

Edited by MojoGamer

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I would really like to see a game centered around a detective and a criminal. As the detective it is your job to track down and arrest the criminal who just so happens to be a small time gangster in the Mafia. As the detective you're tasked with taking down the crew that the gangster runs with. The detective eventually becomes obsessed with taking down the criminal that he ends up losing everything in the process. The criminal meanwhile, will be reminiscent of Tommy Vercetti, where he'll work his way to the top of the criminal underworld.


Both will start off as nobody's in Liberty City in the 1970s and then the criminal will have made it to the top in Vice City during the 1980s, while the detective has lost his job (so you have the option to renegade) and has followed him to Vice City so he can kill him.


You'll do missions for both over the course of the story, or they can have their own separate campaigns similar to GTA IV.

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Algonquin Assassin

Hopefully one with meaningful characters and intricate backgrounds like GTA IV. I can remember almost every character in GTA IV from the major ones right down to the random characters. Can't say that about other GTA games unfortunately.


The story itself doesn't have to be a carbon copy of GTA IV's, but I feel there's been less emphasis on characters and more about spectacle which is why most characters in GTA V felt like they only served as revolving doors for the next forgettable slob.

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Am Shaegar
What do you think the story of the next GTA should be about



For a change, not a rags to riches type story. I'd like to play a character with all the money, and you don't have to do errands in the game.


it's tone



Not a serious one, for sure. Something like GTA SA - A perfect balance of ridiculous fun, strong story, superb writing, outstanding characters, and content.


it's protagonists



Not a cop, or an assassin for hire. I want to experience something new. Rockstar seems to be repeating the same type of protagonists over and over again. CJ was the only one that I found very different, and enjoyable to roleplay.


what would make the next GTA a good game narratively for you.



Don't try to make a narratively rich and deeper experiences with long cutscenes, and too much of unnecessary talk that really have no impact on the game world.

I'd like something similar to GTA SA- keeping to the point, changes felt in the game world as you progress into the story ( like gangs becoming hostile if you return to LS once you leave for countryside, riots, big smoke starts pushing drugs into LS through courier mission till you end the Loco Syndicate's drug smuggling operations, etc), and multiple ways to approach with hidden dialogues, easter eggs, non-violent methods, etc.

Basically, the narrative should make great use of the open world, and the game mechanics in making the player much more involved into the story, than just watching cutscenes, and playing in a linear order of just shooting and driving.

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Mister Pink

Depends on the setting. I would like Baltimore and Boston. One would focus on the drug trade in Baltimore, the street gangs, the hustlers, poverty and struggle. Obviously taking cues from TV's most gritty and realistic show, The Wire. That setting facilitates street shootouts, gang-wars (not in the San Andreas sense) but can be something more evolved can produced. A throw-back to GTA III style where there are just certain streets you don't or can't walk down without being shot at by a rival gang. The cops would be a feature except, while you are in battle with them, the cops aren't bumbling idiots. They're not all evil bad guys. Some of them want to do good and yes some of the are power hungry and idiots. The theme being that there is good and evil on both sides of the law.


In Boston, I would like a late 90's or early 00's depiction of Irish and Italian gangsters. Inspiration can be taken from The Town, The Departed, The Fighter, Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone and Black Mass.


Two different cities that have strong underworld crime culture depicted in great films and TV shows. There's plenty of inspirational material to tie it all in together to build a compelling GTA story.


The Story, whether it includes the two cities in one game or just one city per game could be as follows:




Borrowing from The Godfather's Michael Corleone, you play as a black character brought up in poverty. Unlike your older brothers you went to school (maybe even sent off to military school, paid for by your brothers drug money) and showed potential to go to third level education and escape the perpetual life of crime on the streets. But when tragedy happens close to family and home, you end up being sucked in to working for your brothers street gang which is part of a bigger drug network. Like Michael Corleone and his education and military training, it turns out that you're very good at being a criminal. Not only are you street smart and have an easy ticket in to the underworld from your brothers but you have the brains and education to make intelligent power-plays and show signs of being a potential boss. You are not just a street thug, you are a budding criminal mastermind that is diversifies the street drug trade with your intellect, frequently out-witting the cops and slowly building an empire.


This includes diversifying your income; owning fronts like stripclubs, photocopying/printing shops, bars, cornershops, autoshops etc. Properties purchases return which are also drug stash-houses which can be upgraded and fortified by buying armour and more manpower and firepower to protect rival gangs from stealing the stashhouses.




As you rise through build your criminal empire you meet with Irish gangs that will sell you larger quantity of drugs. The only problem is they are in a constant war with the Italian mafia who keep intercepting drug hauls. Also, to win the trust of the Irish gangs you need to participate in an number of heists. This is where you'll rob banks like in The Town. The money from the heists is put to buy big amounts of drugs which are then transported to Baltimore for sale on the streets. Between the two cities you build a large drug trafficking and gun smuggling network, fighting off law enforcement and rival gangs. Working for the Irish mob puts you in cahoots with the Italian mafia. Maybe you can work for the Italians as well secretly which may put you at risk with the Irish.


I know that's not really story.. it's focuses on action and factions I want to see and gameplay elements with locations. But I think working with the foundations of gameplay and criminal enterprises and then building a story on top of that would be great.


I would argue that the reverse of this story could be made. Where you start off as an Irish mobster, fight off Italian mafia and build a drug network in Boston and then try expand that network by dealing with the gangs down in Baltimore.

Edited by Mister Pink

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One of the main characters starts out as a student at the local High School in either 11th or 12th grade. The School has a bad reputation because it's in a poor neighborhood so the character has to deal with drug dealers and such regardless of if he chooses to stay in or eventually drop out. There also could be the chance of getting kicked out by the choices you make so that could add even more replayability to it.

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I'd like something similar in a generation gap like Michael and Franklin.


My vision is a retired criminal goes back into his craft and is territorial over a young up and comer who tries surpass his achievements.

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​I'm actually in the midst of creating a concept, so I could give some details.



I'd like a reverse Vice City, where instead of building a criminal empire you instead try to destroy one. It be sort of like Mafia 3, but the underbosses are playable characters. Also, instead of taking down the mafia, you're taking down pirates and drug smugglers.



​I know you didn't ask for it, but for context its set in the Carribean sea, including Florida, The Bahamas and Haiti.



​GTA IV's tone was good, but it needs a bit of classic GTA vibes that V gave us. It should be a mix of both. The way this works is that the society which the characters live in is dark and cynical, but brightly coloured and covered in a filter of false happiness. That the way the characters are essentially alienated from this society which they feel that they don't belong in.


​Another thing that needs clarification, the story works in like 5 or 6 distinct parts. I'll work that out later, maybe.



​Have four. That way the old UI from GTA V can be used and we can kick out the useless crock of sh*t that is GTA Online. I've got a pretty good idea of who they would be like:


The Anarchist

​Female. White. 24. From New Orleans. Raised in Vice City. Half-French Half-American. Bisexual. The Lamar Davis to ​The Exile's​ Franklin Clinton, but actually useful and able to hold her own. In a feud with Cuban gangs in Vice City. Her antagonist receives arms from the pirates in Nassau.

​The Exile

​Male. White. 26. From Vice City. Anarchist. Diagnosed as Pyromaniac. Trying to take down corrupt politicians. Gets exiled from America after publicly assassinating multiple targets and bombing several locations (seen as an act of terrorism). His antagonist captures him and attempts to kill him and dump his body in the ocean on an airplane. Survives and washes up on the shores of Haiti.


​The Revolutionary

​Male. Latino. 25. From Port Au Prince. Works underneath his antagonist for the 1st act and 2nd act, but then turns on him once he meets The Exile​. Is trying to take down the drug smugglers he used to work for once he saw how it affected the rest of Haiti.


​The Trader

​Male. Black. 29. From London, UK. Arms traders that moved to Nassau. High-Functioning Autistic. The Unfortunate Comic Relief Character. Preferably voiced by Big Shaq. In a rivalry with pirates in the Bahamas. Frequently purchases explosive weaponry from The Exile and ​The Anarchist​. Sells these weapons to The Revolutionary's ​antagonist for the 1st and 2nd act.. Stops once that antagonist works in league with his antagonist.

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