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Everything that affects the stock market


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Is there a list of all missions and random events that affect the stock market prices (including random events that give you stock in some company)? I've tried searching but I couldn't find even a semi-completed list.

Edited by HalfOfAKebab
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Have you looked through the pinned thread in this section?

Yeah, and it seems like it mentions only one.
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Have you looked through the pinned thread in this section?

Yeah, and it seems like it mentions only one.


I only remember these 2 from random events

Bike thief 1-recieve shares

Hitch lift 1-stock tip


Im not sure about missions but there are a few posted in that pinned thread.

Edited by StangOne50
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Hell, go to GOOGLE and just type in GTA V stock market and you will find ALL THE INFO YOU EVER NEEDED, for f*ck's sake.

Not sure why you're so hostile.


Obviously I searched for this, but I couldn't find anything. All I could find was sh*tty articles stolen by IGN full of oudated information from 2013.

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  • 2 months later...

Actually if I'm not mistaken I believe almost every Mission moves the stock market, although some are far more noticeable than others


Also certain days of the week often make a difference

Also things like buying prior to a missions or buying after a mission


Best advice is just play around with it and keep track of what you see


If your looking to just make a ton of money and you haven't done the assassination missions there is a guide around here somewhere title being Gordon Gekko or something like that




Edited by Deadman2112
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