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Lock by lazer on foot


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When i do a mission for the hangar the lazer pilote by the IA can lock on me ans lunch a missile and of course kill me in 1 shot .

And off course i have no sound if tell me to the missile is in coming .


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Can you do a video? Can't really get what you're saying - how does the enemy/ AI Lazer know to attack you - do you have a wanted level or something? Where is your hangar located? When is this happening?

Edited by Gaffa™
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They don't lock on you. Just because of their aim, they just shoot a rocket extremely accurate at you and you're getting killed by a decent explosion radius.

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That not fair , without lock it is impossible for a player to kill another like this

You said AI. Make your mind up.


Also, its not impossible.

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That not fair , without lock it is impossible for a player to kill another like this



They don't lock at you, just shoot the rocket in a straight line. You shouldn't be on foot on these missions ;-)

It happened to me a few times, in the mission with the Nokota fighting the Jets, since it's hard to land in some places.


I sometimes order my insurgent to be safe on the ground, if my buzzard is f*cked.


It's not true you can't kill players this way. You can. Either with explosive rounds or with the rockets (gun works better). A lot of ppl suck with a jet, so probably that's why you haven't been killed like that ;-)

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