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What the next title of GTA should have!

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So we all want things for the next GTA title here is a list of some things I'd love and alot of the community would like too. So lets get into it! (This is my list so if you dont agree make a comment below)

1. Interiors to buildings.
In the next title of GTA, i believe we should have interiors. I could not care less if it was the same office layout above and above for many floors, it would be fun just to run around and create havoc inside of building and sniper out of glass offices to kill other players.
2. The city.
While we have already had Liberty City and Los Santos again in the hd era. Now what? I would love to see Las Venturas and San Fierro again, this time with an amazing forest and a deadly desert. The map should contain two military bases and split the map in two with the huge gant bridge bringing the two together and have many other bridges too, while in the desert of Las Ventures there will be area 69, and with the second military hidden in the forest of San Fierro.
3. Destructible world.
Yes a destructible world would be amazing and not the breaking poles we have currently, I mean like destructible offices too. Like you could fly a plane into a building and go straight through (I know that part wouldn't be ideal because of 9/11 but if you've seen the first transformers movie i mean like the part megatron flies optimus prime through an office building but the planes would stop working shortly after flying through.) And if an area is destroyed bring a new group the area along with firemen that could repair the damage in 10 minutes, unless you keep killing them of course.
4. Protagonist.
Yes now I'm talking about the protagonist, now many of you may disagree with me but the multiple protagonist isn't the best. Now I'm not saying we shouldn't have it but let it be a $5.00 story pack instead which can contain the story through other characters perspective, like what they did in GTA 4, i prefered this as they had their own story but came into other peoples paths from time to time, however if it were to be like GTA 5's multiple protagonist make it a multiple protagonist pack, so I'm saying start off with the one character and have the multiple characters pack release with the start of the game.
5. Shark Cards.
Now we are getting to some real stuff just one point, make shark cards worth it for us to buy them. That simple.
6. GTAO 2.
Grand Theft Auto Online, was different while being fun, it was different. Some things they could do with the second edition of online would be to add assets, which would only give off a bit of starting money for about $500K they could buy a business which would reach $2000 every 20 minutes.
7. Import Export cars.
Now this would be fun to start off with, import export cars, and i mean like what they had in GTA SA, GTA VC, and GTA3, just to help start off online, make car lists that would change every week, like it would give you $5K per car and have 10 cars a week with a $10K bonus after completing the weeks list. Kinda like daily objects but cars. Later you could add the business of sourcing super cars and exporting them, as an update not to start off with.
8. Take a break off business.
Yes the GTAO business are fun and make a lot of money, but take a break from them, like the VIP system to start off with would be fine. But don't make business update after business. Add warehouses to bring in certain vehicles for you to use but don't add a business to it too.
9. Servers
Now this would be a fun one, you could join a rockstar hosted server but only certain servers, and if they made the map big enough, contain 100+ players, but the servers would have certain rules. These would be things such as killing players isn't bad, or blowing up vehicles you don't have to pay for, or no cops but you cant to business work. Things like this would make the game fun.
10. HUD
With the next GTA title you should be able to get a load of options for your HUD, maybe you want the gun icons like SA, VC and 3, or maybe you do want the weapon wheel, or maybe you want to have your health like VC, or maybe like GTA 5. Players could customize there own HUD, I know I'd love to change the map to a circular map, with the weapon icons instead of the weapon wheel. Like I just loved the look of the icons in GTA SA remastered and didn't enjoy the weapon wheel as much. It's just these small little options that could change the way I love the game, colour's of the weapon wheel would be good too.

Well i hope you enjoyed the list these are just some suggestions and this is what they should add to the next GTA title after they finish RDR2 and maybe even Bully 2, but tell me what you think they should add or change in the next game.

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