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Harmony Knights MC

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EST. 2017 (to be honest, just now)




Who are the Knights?

Harmony Knights MC is a 1% MC based out of (kinda obvious, not?), Harmony, Grand Senora Desert.

First off, to avoid spam-messaging that I've messed up and switched the top and bottom rocker, WRONG! There is nothing wrong about it, this club just goes against the flow, this club is all about doing stuff our own way.

HKMC is about having friendly people around to do MC missions (or heists, sales, etc.) with, to hang out and chill with. The goal of HKMC is to be a true Brotherhood, to make people feel comfortable whilst playing. A tight-knit group of outlaws so to speak.

The timezone is CEST





1. Hangaround

HKMC does not have a hangaround crew, instead we work with a two-stage prospecting time. Hangarounds are hangarounds, they do not represent the club, so no crew or tag shows that they are part of anything related to HKMC. Anyone interested in hanging out with the Kings, and fullfils all the recuirements (listed further below), can join us ingame. During those sessions with HKMC, the hangaround can decide for himself if this is the right club for him AND HKMC has some time to do the same. If it doesn't work out, no harm has been done and everyone can part on good terms.

One thing the Hangaround must bear in mind is that he/she never asks to become a prospect! The player will be approached by a patched member who will then ask if he is up for it.




2. Prospect

You've decided to become a part of the club. Now it's time to prove you will a suitable asset to HKMC.

As mentioned before, the prospecting happens in two stages. First stage is a bottom rocker with the MC squares.





After a minimum of three weeks, your sponsor will decide wether your up for the top rocker. This will be voted by the club, and if yes, you'll be granted the top rocker.




After this, another mininum of three weeks of prospecting to go! Now again, it will be up to the sponsor to decide wether the prospect is up for voting. If he deems so, all the patched members vote.

I realize that the prospecting stage might seem long, but it's all about quality! Besides, after the prospecting, when you finally get the center patch, it all will have been worth it!


Once you've gotten through this harrowing endeavour, you can call yourself a Harmony Knight!


How we roll

-We only ride choppers, bobbers, classic cruisers and baggers.

-Zombie Chopper

-Zombie Bobber






-We use allmost everything that a reallife MC would or could use:



-shotguns (pump and sawn-off, not that op auto sh*t)

-sniper ( can be used against other snipers)

-rpg (against armored or airborne assailants)

-explosives (when necessary, over-usage will be frowned upon)

-any melee weapon

-Weekly churches, rides and random events. On casual days we do MC work, CEO work and the rest.





-PS4 (duh) and a working mic

-language is english, so fluent(-ish) speaking

-a Discord account, HKMC uses Discord for the servers and the convenience to use it on smartphones as well. Don't worry, it's free!

-mature behaviour

-if you're a bully, save yourself a bleeding ear and don't even apply

-the ability to take crap (and dish it out, of course), but all in the name of good fun

-HKMC is or will be your only crew, you will keep this club as your active crew every time you get online.




If you believe this club is something for you, please fill in the questions below



Social Club ID:



GTA MC Experience:

PSN tag:

Edited by HKMC-Recruiter

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Edited by KC_Purple

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