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Anyone else having problem online?

Phil Collin

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Like it takes time to even get online alwas in the clouds sometimes can´t even go in. Then i can´t start a race my own which i grind. And i then played VIP alone Sightseeir or something after first package about to go to the other i got a message and i was kicked to SP again. Wtf is happening the last couple of days has been really f*cked. Maybe cuz i have so high lvl because that i grind i race and has done it for years the same thing.

So that is one thing i do when i get online. Easy RP and not hard so i can give it my time and still chill.

Just so many problems lately. Everything is slower

Edited by Phil Collin
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It has nothing to do with your rank. You simply could have had a bad connection.

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I have a similar problem going on since this morning. Every time I finish a round on Bombushka Run, the game tells me there has been an error joining an Online session, for some reason, and kicks me back to SP.


This is on the PC, by the way.


It's a shame, since I actually rather enjoy that Adversary Mode and was looking forward to grind ranks with it during the remainder of this week. I should also add, if it's of any use, that I could barely join Stunt Races last week because I'd stay permanently stuck in a perpetual "Launching" motion.


These instabilities rather suck because I can't make use of double events...


Edit: And now I can't even join online in any shape or form.

Edited by Volganor
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