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Grand Theft Auto: State of Jefferson

Recommended Posts






1) Location Your guide to the game's setting.
2) Gameplay All about how the game works.
3) Characters Who and why? People, their backgrounds and how they're now...
4) Side Missions and Collectibles Want some money, respect or some other kind of reward, but you don't wanna do some "dirty little things"? Go ahead.
5) Activities After a long day spent on stealing cars, killing both guilty and innocent people, and losing cops, it's time for some relax.
6) Customization Not everything has to look like its creator wanted to.
7) Gangs Maybe it's not like Liberty City or Los Santos, but gangs still exist here in the Pacific Northwest.
8) Vehicles Vroom-vroom! Beep-beep! Let's ride...
9) Weapons If you're a criminal, you need one of these, just like a fish needs water.
10) Media & Entertainment What's on the radio? Does television still broadcast boring reality shows? How about Showflicker and "chill" tommorow?
11) Missions The game's plot, the story of "The Father", "The Driver" and "The Smuggler".
12) Multiplayer You've already mastered the singleplayer, right? Then try yourself in a fight against other players.


@(Ambient) - the concept in general

- help with the soundtrack

@slimeball supreme - his excellent help with the "Gangs" section


Edited by (Ambient)

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The map above in full resolution | The map above without colored cities | The map above with the blue background

The State of Jefferson (sometimes referred as "Jefferson State" or simply "Jefferson") is a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America. It's the 18th largest state, the 13th most populous one in the whole United States, as well as the 2nd most populous state in the Western USA. The state's named after Douglas Jefferson (the first President of the United States) by an act from 1853. Jefferson was originally going to be named "Astoria" (the name came from the Astoria District). Due to that decision, the State of Jefferson is often confused with Jefferson A.D. (the capital of the USA). In 1889, Jefferson became the 42nd state in the United States of America. For a long time, Jefferson was a home to lumber products, heavy industry (especially during the World War I and World War II) as well as shipbuilding industry.

Luther County is the most populous county in the State of Jefferson that was originally called after Luther Douglas who was Vice President back in the early 1850's, but due to his obsession with slavery and being extremely racist, the namesake of the county was changed to John Luther II (a well-known icon of fighting for civil rights). Major highways located in Luther County consist: Interstate 7, Interstate 92, State Route 524, State Route 97, and State Route 518. From water areas, it's worth to mention Puyallup River, Vista Bay, and Lake Jefferson. Luther County in GTA: State of Jefferson features three cities and one census-designated place: Rainier, Blanche Island, Helygen Skyway and Shattuck.


The largest city in the state of Jefferson, as well as the game's main setting. One of the fastest-growing major in the United States of America. The city's first major industry was logging, but between the 1870's and 1890's, Rainier had become a shipbuilding center. After WWII, many huge companies like Western Comapny, Facade, or ShopWarrior made Rainier what it is nowadays. From other history related stuff, people should know about the Rainier Fire which was responsible for destroying that what today is known as Downtown Rainier. Today, Rainier is known as the city where grunge music was born, a place where the "Intimacy" trilogy was shot, a home to the best coffee in America (thanks to Bean Machine), a major port of trade with Asia, and one of the most liberal places in the USA.


Edited by (Ambient)

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Reserved for concept purposes

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Reserved for concept purposes

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Why don't you finish this? It's litty titty so far

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So, this state, Jefferson. Is it based on Washington?

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If this place has leisure centers, a motor racing track and a suburban, rich wealthy area (I hope it's the light green colored borough on the east side of the map), I would certainly visit the place and live there.

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Amazing work i love the word and history play, im from WA myself so i get all the subliminal messages lol.

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