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keyboard controls bugged at flying?


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hey there,

actually i use a logitech k800 illuminated keyboard but now i bought a new.

why? i thought i crashed the D-Key in case of a arm-wrestling-contest.

but the new keyboard have the same effect, when i am flying with f.e. buzzard.


you use W (up) + 8 (forward) to fly.

to move sidewards + 4 / 6 or A / D.


now the problem:

i cant use W + 8 + D at the same time.


i can use W + 8 + A, W + 8 + 4 and W + 8 + 6


so, my keyboard wasnt broken, it seems a problem of the game?

anyone of you can proof this please? thats would be great.

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that sounds alot like hardware limitations of cheaper keyboards, nothing like the K800. did it use to work with those combinations?

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i thought of that too, but on 2 keyboards the same effect?

the first one was bought 10 years ago, and the new one, this week.


but as i googeld of that bug some month ago, i read something like:

"some producers dont want to allow multiple key stroke combinations"

dont know if this myth is real, but that said some users.


anyway, if this was real, why 3/4 combinations does work, and the 1/4 not?


the k800 costs ~100 € - so i dont want to speak for a cheap board -_-

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  • 2 weeks later...

flying controls, driving controls play better with controller, you shoud buy a xbox one controller

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i have one.


but i dont like, everytime is switch movement, to switch the controllers ;-/

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Salutations, Alice. You should know, we're all mad here.


Are you talking about helicopter flying? The helicopter flight model is poorly designed to begin with, and it is very hard to control with a keyboard.


I ended up using keyboard and mouse for ground vehicles and airplanes, and using my Logitech Dual Action for helicopter. It really wasn't much trouble keeping the controller on the desk and picking it up only for helicopter use.


It could be a limitation of GTA, but it is much more likely that it is "ghosting", in which some keypresses do not get sent to the computer when other keys are pressed at the same time. There are keyboards that allow any number of keys to be pressed at the same time (called 'n-key rollover' or '100% anti-ghosting').


Here are item numbers for a few such keyboards at newegg . com: N82E16823201082, N82E16823201096, N82E16823201103.

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ok, but the strange is, the logitec keyboard allows 3 keys at the same time!

but not the combination of W + D + 8


i will check the numbers later, but actually i can live with the bug.

i rarely want to use A / D while flying. 4 / 6 is my choice.

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It's not just the number of keys that can be pressed, it is specific combinations of keys.


Because of the way traditional keyboards are designed, keys are wired together in blocks, so 3 keys from 2 or more blocks may work together, but if all of the keys are in the same block, you have a problem. The underlying wiring blocks, though, aren't necessarily composed of contiguous keys.

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oh, ok. sounds plausible. so i cant do anything?


btw, i checked my numbers. not looking like yours

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Hopefully you settled on a key mapping that will work for the keyboard you are using. If not, a '100% anti-ghosting' or 'n-key rollover' keyboard should give you no problems.


I'm not sure what you mean by your numbers not looking like mine, though.

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i have this keyboard: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B003U51UTW

and its the second one. on both W + D + 8 is not working.

but on both W + A + 6, or other combinations are working.


ihow i know, which keyboard doesnt have ghosting?

tbh, i like this logitec ;-(


i thought your numbers are s/n for models with ghosting.

dont realised thats number for an online store :-)

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The online store is Newegg. Perhaps you can't access the store where you live?


Here are the Brand and model numbers for the keyboards:


Rosewill RK-9000V2

Rosewill RK-9000V2 RGB

Rosewill RK-9300


There are other brands with '100% anti-ghosting' or 'n-Key Rollover'. Those are just three examples.

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