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Oppressor hate and ridicule thread

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Arrows to Athens
5 minutes ago, Rockett800 said:

While I've absolutely detested the MKII since it was added, I'd never actually ridden one. Their design never appealed to me, it's just too out there for my vision of Los Santos. And, frankly, they just didn't look that fun. Recently though, a friendly random allowed me to try out their MKII while they borrowed my Hellfire. And now I can say, with certainty, that the MKII is trash. Just absolutely scrub level trash.


I ran a city headhunter, something I'd usually do in a Hunter or even a Buzzard. In those the task feels tight, swinging around buildings and avoiding small arms fire while launching rockets at the streets. But on their MKII, it was a point and click. There's no turbulence, even! You just float to a spot and hover, clicking off pinpoint missiles. It was just... Boring. What's the fun in even using it?

Not to mention it's extremely easy to master. I'm now seeing more and more people free aiming on-foot players with this thing like there's no tomorrow, and it's very difficult to defend yourself when you're in this position. Since it is small, sniping them is a task, and even then the occupants possess an extraordinary amount of health, sometimes requiring 2-3 sniper shots to be killed, with the addition of the health regeneration ability if it is the occupant's favourite bike (someone please slap the person who thought to consider this a bike). Explosive rounds would be the best counter in this scenario, but not everyone has access to them nor are they cheap; the ammo is also limited. Another thing I loath about this hateful, hateful machine is that it's a "last resort" vehicle for many. Just realized you're getting smacked on the ground? Call in your Mk2 and spam it like there's no tomorrow. I can't count how many times I've destroyed players on-foot, only for them to get all pissy and butthurt and hop on their Mk2 as a last resort. It renders every other weaponized and military vehicle absolutely useless. And in order to deal with this, you either have to get one out yourself or start up Fully Loaded, which is not always possible.. It makes PvP bland and repetitive. 


This deformity is the epitome of degeneracy. It has no place in this game, whatsoever.  

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If I'm in freemode I do nothing but destroy oppressors in my Lazer or Starling. I'm still trying to hit one with the Starling machine guns, it's not easy. 

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