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The Nguyen Family - Recruiting (Xbox One)

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The Nguyen Family - Recruiting!





Come be a part of the family!





We are a Mafia clan looking to become the most powerful and dominant in the world of GTA Online.




No disrespecting members, especially higher-ups and definitely not the Boss.

No disobeying orders from higher-ups.

No friendly fires (constantly hitting members will have consequences).

Be professional (No humping trees, tea bagging dead bodies, acting childish, etc).

No killing random people/getting police stars on other members.

Must be active (in case of life problems, let higher-ups know).

Must not be in other crews.




There are many branches/regimes in the family. A branch is run through the Organization system by a Chief or higher-up. Therefore, Chiefs, Underbosses, and the Boss must have the ability to become a CEO. Chiefs and Underbosses' organization name would be like this: *gamertag* Regime. Example: Jimmy Lira Regime or TheLegend27 Regime. No need for gamertag changes (such a hassle that is). A Chief's organization (branch) consists of the Chief himself and three Soldiers. These Soldiers will work for the Chief and obey his orders. All Chiefs and Soldiers must still obey the Boss at all times, even with their own branch. The Boss and Underbosses' organization (branch) consists of themselves and three Enforcers and/or Soldiers. Just like the Chief's branch, these Enforcers and Soldiers will work for the Boss and Underbosses and protect them. Branch leaders may do CEO work and heists to make money for his crew (challenges are allowed as long as they aren't friendly-fire related). They may also request a hit on someone, and when approved, he and his crew may carry out the hit. Chiefs and Underbosses may play on their own session with their branch, but still must represent the family and obey rules (permission must be granted by the Boss first). If members wish to play by themselves, they must inform a higher-up and uniforms must be off during their own session.




Associate (New) - Sent application. Must meet with the Boss, Underbosses, and/or Chiefs in game.

Soldier (Muscle) - First rank of the family hierarchy. Must already learned the above rules and purchased required uniform. Soldiers do most of the day to day bidding, under the supervision of a Chief or higher-up. Soldiers must join a Chief or higher-up's organization when there is one in the session.

Enforcer (Representative) - Most elite and skilled. Enforcers also do most of the day to day bidding, but they only work for Underbosses or the Boss. Enforcers must join an Underboss or the Boss's organization when there is one in the session.

Chief (Lieutenant) - The most loyal and trusted enforcers. Hand-picked by the boss once he's shown enough of his worth. Chiefs work for the family under his own organizaion (branch). Chiefs must have his men in check and report any misdeeds. Chiefs must have contact with the Boss outside of Xbox.

Underboss (Comissioner) - Chosen by the Boss. The Underboss is the Boss when the Boss is not in session. All Chiefs, Enforcers, and Soldiers must obey the Underboss at all times unless told otherwise. When the Boss is in session, the Underboss and his crew must remain at the Boss's side at all times unless told otherwise. Underbosses must have contact with the Boss outside of Xbox.




Black Tailored Suit (Suit Jackets)

White Cuffed Shirt (Business Shirts)

All Black Oxfords (Smart Shoes)

Black Slim Fit (Suit Pants)

Black Tie (Ties)

Black sunglasses/shades (Soldiers and Enforcers are required)




Promotions are discussed with Underbosses' and Chiefs. In the meanwhile, be loyal, active, and flawless would help in achieving higher ranks.

Demotions are discussed with Underbosses' and Chiefs.

The most severe consequence is that you can get whacked (kick from crew).


Contacts (gamertags):


The Phapper (Boss)

The Neclso (Underboss)

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


You are only allowed one Recruitment Thread at any time, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.


You already have an active thread here and duplicated threads will be locked.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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