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Smuggler's run buyer's guide

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A little intro, i think every expensive dlc topic should have a post like this, it'll help immensely for the newbies that want to conserve their money. I never understand why there is barely any post like this. So, i have been offline for a long time and i just got online recently in my ps4, downloading the new dlc and playing it a bit. I bought the cheapest hangar and workshop, so what's next? Give the buying step for this dlc based on playing value, vehicle versatility, and even making money. Ex: 1 thing to buy, a hangar, get the discount and buy 2. Tula, etc. Please need help

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Well, if you can handle the Rogue's broken handling, then the rogue is a great starting plane! it's cheap, has explosive guns, homing rockets, countermeasures, and bombs too!

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The Wandering Hunter

buy nothing unless you really like how a particular plane looks.


test them in creator mode.


wait until the dripfeed is over before purchasing anything, however currently the rogue is a cheap and versatile bomber that you can't really argue with.

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The Tula isnt a bad plane for having fun, exploring, and just screwing around with. Its slow and not armed enough to use tactically, so its a vanity toy with a sizable price tag (even if discounted)


If you dont own a Buzzard already BUY ONE NOW.

If you dont own a Hydra, I strongly recommend it.

These will get you through nearly all the smuggling missions better than the given ones

Edited by ash-274

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I like to have a hangar at Fort Zancudo, for the free lazers. Took the 2.650.000 one. Pleased with it, since there is a lot of space to land. Easy hangar access and close to the bunkers.


Regarding the vehicles, there are no 'must buys'. In functionality the old ones are still the best imo:

- buzzard

- hydra

- savage


Worth considering buying:

- Rogue, cheap, good value for money. Little bt tricky handling

- Molotok. Because it's a MIG. Perfect handling


Yet to come, I definitely buy:

- Hunter!

- Nokota



You just have to try the planes in the missions and buy the ones you like. Can do without them, they are all optional.

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You don't "need" any of the new aircraft from this update if you own a Buzzard/Hydra/Savage. That being said, if you're sitting on plenty of cash and want to buy some of the new aircraft based on overall effectiveness, I'd complete the steal mission requirements for all of them first. That way you'll unlock the discount price if you decide you don't want to buy one right now but maybe one down the road sometime.


For the aircraft out right now, that's a total of 24 steal missions (you have to start them btw, can't be your friends'). It goes up to a total of 42 for the rest of the aircraft that's gonna be drip fed but it's your choice if you want to keep doing steal missions to unlock the rest. The Hunter attack helicopter is the last vehicle that unlocks at 42 steal missions but it'll only be available to purchase once Rockstar release it from the drip feed.


The steal/sell missions from this update aren't really good for money making purposes as each mission will easily take you around 10 minutes or more to complete regardless of the type of aircraft you use and you can only pick up one crate worth 10k for all that time invested. If you have more people willing to help out, you can nab more crates per run (max of 4 per mission) so if you do want to use the hangar cargo as a decent money maker, it's highly advised you have some people with you. You can store up to a max of 50 crates in your hangar but how you do so is up to you (different crates of all eight different types of cargo, 25 of two, 50 of one etc.) You won't be able to source more cargo until you sell off those 50 crates first.


You get bonuses for collecting bulk of certain types of cargo, with Narcotics, Chemicals and Medical Supplies being the highest (35% bonus for collecting 25 crates of any two, 70% for having 50 collected for any one). Animal Supplies, Art & Antiques and Jewelry & Gemstones give you a 12% bonus for collecting 10 of each and then adds 12% to each 10 collected after that for a total of a 60% bonus at 50 crates collected for any one of them. Tobacco and Counterfeit Goods give you a 5% bonus for five crates collected of any one and then add 5% to each 5 more collected, for a total of a 50% bonus for 50 crates collected for any one of them. Having 50 crates normally is worth 500k without bonuses so with the bonuses applied you're looking at a max of 850k for Narcotics, Chemicals and Medical Supplies, 800k for Art & Antiques, Animal Supplies and Jewelry & Gemstones and 750k for Tobacco and Counterfeit Goods. This is without high demand bonuses for selling in a lobby with more than one person besides yourself so you'll earn more selling in a populated lobby. Ron also takes a cut from you at the end of a sale depending on how much you earned since he "set" this whole thing up for you. Nothing major though, it's a very small % of your total earned from the sale.


If you're running hangar cargo solo, I'd advise you to collect the mid tier cargo (Animal Supplies, Art & Antiques and Jewelry & Gemstones) simply because the cutoff for having one vehicle sales is 10 crates (though there are some slight exceptions) and you get a 12% bonus for the first 10 crates collected of each type of these goods. You don't get that big of a bonus for having 10 crates of any other types of goods so that's why I recommend collecting these if you're running solo and want manageable 10-crate sales (multiple vehicle sales from hangar cargo aren't solo friendly AT ALL).


If you're running with a team, Narcotics, Chemicals and Medical Supplies are the way to go. Either fill 50 of any one of them for the 70% bonus or 25 of any two for a 35% bonus on each. Note that there's also cooldowns on collecting each type of cargo depending on how many people are collecting it and what type of cargo it is. It's best to rotate collecting these three types of goods with your friends, that way all of you are collecting the cargo and can help each other sell when they get to 25 or 50 crates.


The mission types for these cargo also differ slightly in terms of how strong the A.I is and how much of them there are. The upper tier cargo (Narcotics, Chemicals and Medical Supplies) have the hardest missions compared to the other types of cargo but they're still not too difficult as standalone missions by any means. The mid tier cargo (Animal Supplies, Art & Antiques and Jewelry & Gemstones) have easier missions and then the last two types of goods (Tobacco & Counterfeit Goods) have the easiest missions. In essence, the more profitable the cargo, the harder the missions.


Hangar Cargo is a good supplemental income to the other money making ventures but as a sole, primary means of income, it is highly recommended against, even with a full team. As for the vehicles that are actually useful from this update (the ones that are out so far) I'd say the Rogue and V-65 Molotok are your best bets. The Rogue is deadly for dogfights as it has explosive rounds, countermeasures, carpet bombing abilities (after being customized that is) and homing and non-homing missiles by default. It's got everything. The Molotok is a nice, nimble jet with rapid fire missiles similar to the Savage but in a fast jet so it's pretty brutal in the right hands. Every other aircraft from this update is pretty much there for if you want to buy it for specific purposes but these two are the deadliest from my first hand experience. Also, again, I recommend you complete all steal mission requirements for certain aircraft before purchasing them as it knocks a hefty amount (1m or so) from the already so costly price tag. Also, whatever you do, do NOT buy the Bombooshka. It's the second most expensive aircraft from this update (~5.7m) and even after the discount applied (becomes 4.45m) it's still utterly useless considering its gigantic size and abilities and more importantly, its cost. It can take up to two rockets and three explosive rounds before it blows up. So much for a war machine. Smh.


The ground vehicles from this update are definitely worth a purchase (Visione GT, Retinue and Rapid GT Classic so far) but the Visione is slightly pricey and far more expensive than the other two so just be aware. It's an excellent super car however and performs beautifully. Worth the money? Imo, definitely.


Let me know if you have any more questions or if I may have missed any more important details :)


P.S. If you look into making hangar cargo as a supplemental money maker somewhere down the line, I'd recommend you trade in your LSIA Hangar for any of the three at Zancudo (preferably Hangar 3499 for $2.65m without upgrades. Extremely easy runway access compared to the other two). It's a much more centralized location and it'll make for more manageable steal missions and sales. You also get low-level clearance to Fort Zancudo after purchasing a hangar there so no more wanted levels for driving into/flying over Fort Zancudo ;)

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Excellent write up Rafae

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Excellent write up Rafae

Thank you sir :)

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