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Best CEO and vehicle warehouses combo ?


Best CEO and v. warehouse combo  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think ?

    • Lombank + La Puerta
    • Arcadius + La Puerta
    • Arcadius + Davis
    • Lombank + Davis

Recommended Posts

I want to move out from La Mesa and MWB.


For me, I only reconsider gettng Arcadius or Lombank. Lombank sick views, and Arcadius for being in center of everything. Also, I like the entrance on Arcadius better than in Lombank. And the look of whole building is nicer, because it's black. But... That view on the beach is driving me back for making a rational decision ^^


For v.warehouse, I want to be closer to my office. Just that. I find La Puerta nice because of the entrance, like, i can go full speed without any obstacles... Davis for me have that GTA SA vibe, knowing that CJ neighbourhood is near. Good thing is that if I own Arcadius, the road is "quicker" for me, I dont know how to explain that. Just "annoying" concrete fence close to car entrance.


I am choosing only Davis and La Puerta as choices, just becase everything else have some type of issue for me, or it's not close...

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Don't move, believe me, La mesa warehouse is the best spot in town, instant access to the highway meaning that exporting a vehicle mush easier (If you know the routes) unless if you're a cargobob user, i think Lombank + La puerta is great,

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Only cons of Davis is that some players consider this as the most popular warehouse and sometimes place ambushes there.

Edited by Sanches
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When you have helis and rocket bikes, anywhere is a quick step away.

I much prefer the Maze Bank Tower and cheap warehouse combo.


Only cons of Davis is that some players consider this as the most popular warehouse and sometimes place ambushes there.



The only popular one is the cheap one

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The only popular one is the cheap one

Then it's just my luck of being happened to help people who were getting ambushed there.


Edit: sh1t, i've mistaken it with La Mesa one. My bad.

Edited by Sanches
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No Use For A Name

The distance between CEO office and vehicle warehouse is irrelevant. The distance between heist warp apartment and CEO office is what's important.


Keep MBW, get a Del Perro apt

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Maze Bank West - Great view out the window of the city & nice location with many fetch missions spawning close by & Le Mesa simply because it's right next to the freeway offering fast completion times with minimum player interference or chances to damage the cars.

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I love the Davis warehouse because of the direct route from Sandy Shores, the quarry and beyond, straight into the heart of Los Santos. You don't need to make a deviation until that final left turn just before the Maze Bank stadium, running down to the airport. Gfred fans will know what I mean. It's fast, direct, and usually trouble-free, especially if you use the gap between the wall and building instead of the main entrance.

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Lombank for my CEO office. Best. View. Period. Plus the two Maze banks are cluttered with people (people who wanted the most expensive one to show off and the ones who bought the cheapest one to just make money ASAP). Lombank has an amazing view of the ocean, pier and coast. All sourcing for crates and vehicles isn't that bad either, because you should be using a buzzard or havok for nearly all sourcing by now (if you don't have a buzzard yet please invest, best investment I made). 10/10 recommend Lombank.


La Mesa for my Vehicle Warehouse. It's away from most of the other players and away from warzones. It's by the highway too and easy routes for sourcing and selling. It also feels "off-the-beaten-path" in a way as well, like it's hidden from where cops would look. Just feels natural and where one would have a semi-legal business going. As opposed to right in the open where cops stroll by all the time.


I like my gaming experience to feel as real as it can. I did the same for my bunkers. Yeah I could have one in the oil fields of Sandy Shores in the open, but that doesn't seem plausible. I went to grapeseed instead. Yes it's an additional 2 miles but it's in Grapeseed, a quiet town, and near a water source and food fields (this is a doomsday bunker anyways). I have been considering the farmhouse though for the same reasons, may be changing bunkers once all research is done in Grapeseed.

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La Puerta has a perfect bob landing area. I also have Arcadius and the medium crate warehouse down the road. A nice addition for saving some money is buying one of the Integrity apts on the other side of the road instead of the bed in the office. ;)

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