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[#22] Customs, Cruisers, and Classics: Goon Squad pt. 2 🍕

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(Cover photos provided by: lrg?, -kaas, jr_death, pat, matrelith, kushology, and ovo)


E D I T I O N * P A R T : T W O

Welcome enthusiast to issue #22 of Customs, Cruisers, and Classics! This week we feature for part 2 of our Goon Squad edition! The pain staking drip-feed of the Smugglers Run's DLC continues with the Bombushka being available for purchase now, which we have @Professional Amateur giving us the 411 on it in Aviation News along with the already available, Nagasaki Havok down below!

Also for those wondering about the image cap (image limit in one post), its something that can't be adjusted by section, its a global setting that would affect all areas of the forum so unfortunately I had some cut content from this issue. I always aim to provide a good variety of snaps. So if I missed featuring your snap be sure to check in the next issue -I do my best to try and squeeze everyone in!


(Click photo for link)

The voting stage of the Vehicle Snap Battle is LIVE so please make sure to get your votes in! The DEADLINE for voting is September 28th, 9am GMT, after that date the top 3 most voted snaps will enter the semi-finals.

Thank you very much for your continued support of CC&C, please


The RM-10 Bombushka


(Photo by: @Professional Amateur)

This is the RM-10 Bombushka, a four-engine behemoth of a bomber with enough firepower to level half of San Andreas.

It is the largest aircraft to be released with Smuggler's Run, being almost equal in size to the Titan transport plane. Its size can be quite deceiving in terms of resistance though, the Bombushka really is a glass cannon, being able to withstand only three explosive rounds from the Heavy Sniper or three rockets. The Bombushka won't be setting any air speed records either, it is painfully slow and becomes an easy target for aircraft and ground fire when flying without a gunner.

On the plus side though, the RM-10 can be equipped with a bomb bay and has three gunner positions as standard: a chin turret beneath the nose, a turret in the tail of the aircraft, and a turret on top of the aircraft. Its horrendously slow speed can also be aided with JATO boosters, though these are only for quick takeoffs and the speed wears off very quickly. Perhaps this aircraft is more of a novelty for the ace smuggler, coming in on Warstock at $5,1918,500 and going down $4,450,000 after 5000 24 successful Air-Freight Source missions.

The RM-10 Bombushka is based upon the Antonov An-12, a Russian transport plane.

The Nagasaki Havok


(Photo by: @Professional Amateur)

Now we go from one of the largest aircraft to one of the very smallest: the Nagasaki Havok.

Whilst it looks like a 'roided up RC helicopter, and it probably is, there's somehow enough room for a pilot in a Havok. You can probably expect a Havok to crash as much as an RC helicopter, as the main havoc this thing causes happens upon landing. It has a tendency to flip faster than a Reliant Robin when touching down, so being a lead foot on the throttle isn't recommended for this is aircraft. It needs a very flat space to land on and needs to touch down very gently. Its landing style may be gentle, but it's far from that in flight, as the Havok is quite fast and also quite manoeuvrable.

The Havok's potential for armament still means that landing is where most havoc will be caused by a Havok, as it can only be equipped with a single .50 cal peashooter mounted on the underside of the aircraft. On the positive side of things, it's one of only two helicopters that can be equipped with countermeasures, the other being the FH-1 Hunter attack helicopter. Its small size is also helpful for getting into some of the smallest parking spaces in Los Santos and the rotor wash will probably drive away any hipsters in Pantos that may try to steal your parking spot.

The Nagasaki Havok takes inspiration from the Heli-Sport CH7 Kompress, an ultralight helicopter

Whilst a Havok may have started life as a $20 RC helicopter, its price has grown quite a lot with the airframe, coming in at a whopping $2,300,900 and comes down to a slightly less ridiculous price of $1,730,000 after 12 successful Air-Freight source missions.


@inbetweendays_ - Chevrolet Nova


@Voit Turyv - Pegassi Infernus LSPD


- Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classics


@Professional Amateur - V-65 Molotok


@Caysle - Dewbauchee Exemplar


@overgone - Annis Elegy Retro Custom


@JoonasPRKL - Enus Windsor Drop


@WHAT!? - Zombie Bobber


@ChrissyBoi87 - Annis Elegy Retro Custom


@Spectacus - Grotti Turismo R


@livejoker - Lampadati Tropos Rallye


@Loku22 - Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic


@TG_Stig - Buckingham Pyro


@Chronic - Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic


- Invetero Coquette Classic


@the_potato - Bravado Gauntlet Custom


@Mach1bud - Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic


@einjzmolf - Vapid Slamvan


@MGgames100 - Karin Futo


@MrGrandis - Grotti & Pegassi Collection



In each issue aka Arthur Fookin Shelby, will have the tedious job of picking a weekly pin-up girl for the readers pleasure enjoyment joy! The photos will always be work safe but put in spoiler tags so you may have the option of viewing them whenever you choose; or don't click it because y'no, you just wanted to strictly see cars :cool: !

This weeks pin-up girl is:

Crystal Westbrooks 💋






Each week I will feature a video clip of the pure sound of some of the best sounding cars/bikes to ever grace this planet! The videos will always be put in spoiler tags so you may view at your own time and to avoid mobile users from accidentally clicking the play button when scrolling. Time to tickle your brain with the vibrations of
The Song of my People!


Lancia Delta EVO E1 4-cylinder goodness!

**I have no affiliation with the authors of the videos provided in this feature**



Originally, Flaca was one of the first people to contact me to be interviewed but things got pushed backed, so much that about 8 issues later, we finally made it! Flaca, like Maritza have very unique styles of snaps and look like no other. Their secret sauce might be because of a discontinued mod they use (discussed in the interview). Please welcome (finally) !
What console do you primarily play on?
PS4 for Online, PC for pics

What name do the regulars in the Custom Rides thread know you best as?
Beautiful (Maritza)
The Prophet (Exqlusive)
The Diamond Drill (Spectacus)
The God (MGgames100)
Third wheel (Raspy)
Mad stalker (Einjzmolf)
That dick (everybody else)

What got you interested in cars/bikes?
That fresh ass Saleen in the 50 Cent Candy Shop music video

What is your role in Goon Squad?
I'm vice captain of Goon Squad

Do you play with anyone from GTAF?
Maritza, Spectacus, Raspy and ILL AUDIO on PS4. Also played with Einjzmolf, Exqlusive and gtuned back in the day

Do you have a preference in what type of cars/bikes you shoot? (Japanese, American, Euro, etc)
American. I like doing classics, muscles and weird cars I suppose

What is your favorite vehicle in the GTA series of all time?
Hotknife and FCR-900 without the fairing

Is there a vehicle from any GTA series that you would want to see return?
SA Jester and Infernus, TLAD Double-T Custom

I need the SA Jester in my life -now please!
What is your favorite car or bike in real life?
MK2 Ford Escort

Can you name your favorite car/racing game of all time?
NFS Carbon on the Wii and Midnight Club 3

As an enthusiast, what is your biggest automotive pet peeves seen within the car community? ie: I hate really cambered cars! People who call themselves car people but hate on other foreign brands! etc
I think I like most cars but if I had to pick one, Bosozoku. They are just effing horrendous to me

You must not like Vanzoku's too...
If you could coordinate the perfect Car Meet in GTA Online, what would it look like?
Something with the regulars from the custom rides thread would be cool methinks. An off-road meet with lots of trucks and Marshalls. If anyone turns up in a XA-21 it's getting torched.

Do you use any other type of photo editors or graphic mods?
For editing I use the filters in the R* Editor and Photoshop

A couple of years ago I downloaded something that improves skies and car windows. You can't get it now tho cuz apparently the creator ripped all the textures from other enbs and now he's on the run

Do you have any photography tips for the readers?
Always use the R* Editor filters. Glacial, Thermo, Night Moves and Albuquerque are the best IMO
Use manual depth of field for everything
Make sure your contrast is on point and your pics are nice to look at
When you've got a shot ready, take loads of screenshots with different filter settings, slightly different angles, focus, zoom etc and pick the best ones

PM Einjzmolf if you want more directions

Is there anything you would like to see be added in GTAF in the future?
A rainbow flag in the country flags menu

Any other comments or shout outs?
Aye. Can I get some props??



Exclusive Snap provided just for CC&C
Sorry your Q&A was delayed for so long, ! But I think the timing turned out great so you could be apart of this GS edition! Thank you for being a part of CC&C!

[table] 📚 Previous Customs, Cruisers, and Classics Issues: #21, #20, #19 📷 Want a better chance of your snap to be featured? Share them here! Vehicle Screenshots: Custom Rides & Garages 🎨 Looking for a factory color or need something custom tailored? Kustom Crew Color Requests 💡 Have an idea for a vehicle you want to see added to GTA? The Vehicle Wishlist and Speculation Topic👥 In search of a Car Meet or want to host your own? Find Lobbies & Players 📝 Interested in being interviewed or want to promote your Workshop?
💬 Questions, Comments, or Feedback? Contact: @V4S 🐈 [/table]

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Professional Amateur

>tfw you're a really amateur photographer and still manage to get a spot in the snap showcase aka the hall of the gods



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damn, threw me under the bus for living in the wrong country :[


we still play together, damnit! it's not my fault you go to sleep at 6pm like you live in an old folks home!

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Another great read!

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Woke up, saw new CCC post, got instant morning wood.

Amazing issue as always. That Grotti & Pegassi Collection needs more shots! That's one of the best snaps I've seen in a while.

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very fetch


[also count me in on the regulars off-rodeo meet]

Edited by Nero

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Love it! :) You are doing some fine work! :)

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Hey now this issue seems just a little bit more awesome than the rest, idk why.


Good stuff.

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Lovely work as always! :D


I think a couple of people are a bit overdue for well-deserved contribution awards! ;)

Edited by -LN-

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Nice shots as always. May check out the Bombushka when I'm home, not much use for that big if plane.

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