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[V] How to import all the map in 3ds max.

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Hello there !

Long time I've not been here, since SA era I think, and well, lot of thing have change !

I'm planning to give a try at V modding, that's why I need your help today ;

First, the configuration of GIMS, 3ds max and Open V is done.
The problem is, when I import all the objects of the map (actually playing a bit with a Vice City Conversion), they are at the center of the scene, at 0.0.0 coordinates, in 3ds.
Import is going well, but I want to keep at the "right place" the used to appear Ingame, at th good coordinates.


Is there a way to do this without replacing them one by one in 3ds ?

Thanks for help, and sorry if there is already a tutorial or something, didn't find it for the moment, and sorry again if it's a newbie question, we have all to start (again) somewhere !

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Either use CodeWalker or Neos7's Map helper ( you still need GIMS EVO to export models).





Nice ! Didn't see those tools !

Last time I worked on somehting here, was for SA, and multiple tools used to exist as Map Editor ect.


So I've to learn again from the beginning, quite interesting for now ! Hahah !


Anyways, thanks, I'll give atry when I'll be home !

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