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so...what was i supposed to learn ?


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Like really, i got banned 1 month for confessing confessions in a confession thread and answering a question from an other member ?


How did that even happen ?


Guess i should stop answering questions in the future and be more dishonest ?


Should i apologize for something ?


Also can people stop saying i am an edge lord ?


Really, when i first joined i was considered a troll because of the user name "goldadderXD", after that i was considered a racist and now this ?

Forgive me for the meme but i am kinda feeling like:



I mean, back in the day i just got called a troll because of one topic i posted before the share your stories thread was made about me reporting people who got gifted non-legit money(i changed my opinion on that btw) and the user name.


after that i got considered a racist because of using the N-word, saying something about certain countries of Afrika having a really big problem with hiv infections and for involving a map about penis sizes on a global scale, which was actually meant as a compliment kinda towards black people since...yea...i like dick.

I mean, to be fair i now know i can not handle 20cm and beyond(yet) so i no longer care that much about size, i also must admit i only had myself one black guy to date once and i did not really like the act, but that was rather because most people in my area are white and that one black guy i had sex with was an idiot, and this was not because of his"race", but because of his rude thoughtless personality, which has no correlation with his skin color...though maybe with his genes...or someone just dropped him on his head when he was little, but this is not racist, since i often think the same thing about white people...and asians, if i ever have to deal with the latter ones, which is rare.


Just trying to be clear i am not a racist btw(or edge lord or troll for that matter)

Really, it might sound like i am pressing things here into real obvious specifics and repeating myself, but i am just trying to be clear, since i really have the feeling some of you are slow of thought TBH.

And no, i am not implying that everyone on this site is an idiot, though to be honest again i honestly think quite a few are...which i do not say to offend anyone, i am just being honest here.

That being said, if i should lie more into the future, feel free to tell me, i just do not want to get permabanned, one month has been enough, tnx.


But yea, from troll, to smug racist asshole to regular member too edgelord....it really seems some people have a hard time judging me.


I'd say, ets stop the judging, admit out shortcomings, stop hating on me and just understand that i am actually just still the same person i was all those years ago :)

Sure we can accept me for me right ?


and yea, ok i get it, voodoo just became admin, he ain't going anywhere anytime soon and as i told myself many times before over the past decade"i am not brought onto this world to cure all forms of stupid(and bias)


So.... considering how i still think the quality of a thread like the "i have a confession to make"-thread in my humble opinion has not really improved since my absence, having just looked trough the pages since my last post, hey ok then, equality is a myth, i promise i stick to lamer, light hearted or whatever the f*ck people call it-crap, while everyone else i guess can just change it into...well...whatever it is i would not really call most of the posts in it from the past 30 days light-hearted confessions and it rather seems to me that it contains mostly sh*tposts, edgy sh*tposts, chatter and barely anything on topic considering the title of said topic...ok, i really get it, it must be me just seeing things wrong :miranda:

I swear, next time some admin, moderator or staff for an example tells me pretty much to deal with getting flamed for something, i just will use the report function until some staff, mod or admin tells me to stop using the report function and if someone tells me to stop posting so called "edgy" sh*t while the next post is about a user talking about him jerking off...sure thing, i really get it, equality is a myth.


Just tell me and i will adjust my behavior, i promise :santa:

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Put it in your blog :^:


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