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Patch Request For Gavin or whom has time


Recommended Posts

This request is for Gavin


SOGMC Patches


Top Rocker

Skulls Of Grim





Also can you use this pic also and make sets for both pics




Just the Skull itself not the word


Can you make the bottom fangs normal teeth the and keep the top fangs.



Instead of the 1% use this pic



Bottom Rocker

San Andreas


Can you use the font from the pic below. But no snitching also can you erase WFFM and put FTW instead also Keep T.C.B.M. Blood & Mayhem and Brotherhood




Also can you include Prospect and Hangaround patches please


Can we go with 4 sets,

First one with white background and black letters

Second with silver background and black letters

Third with black background and gray letters

Fourth with black background and white letters


Thank you in advance and I had seen one of the patches you made for me before on someone’s website can you send me the patches directly if I give you my email address?


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Album Link: https://imgur.com/a/mLjab

Unfortunately Graven isn't here right now, but I hope it helps.


Edit: If you want patches to be deleted later on, then just report my post asking the post to be hidden.

Edited by Rejeckted
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Not defined right now, but I would say atleast 3 days wait is appreciated from the rules that existed in past. This gives designers time to work on others request aswell so that no requester is dissatisfied at the end.

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Alright koo man, I'm having trouble uploading the white patches it says its too big I don't see a way around it. Any suggestions?

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Use these settings, end result will be a little distorted compared to original patch. But you can see if that is something acceptable to you.

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