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Random Smoke on Street Car

Im Delta Bishop

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Im Delta Bishop

Hello people,


To begin with, a friend and I, Delta ViBeZ (my friend) and Im Delta Bishop (Me), were in a public lobby by ourselves. We were simply driving around, me chasing his Oppressor, when all of the sudden, a random street car with a lot of blue smoke passed in the opposite direction. This car was also going much faster than my fully modified Turismo Classic. We decided to turn around and follow the muscle car, but when we began to follow the trail of blue smoke, the smoke diminished and the car was gone. Not very long later, I managed to spot a tan Cheval Surge with the same blue smoke completely covering the car. I went into the smoke and decided to mess around by adding some white tire smoke with it, and I won't lie it looked really sick. But then, when the traffic light turned green, the car sped off. I went after it, but when I began to chase it, it vanished again in the same fashion that the last one disappeared in. We went looking in that area for at least an hour, but to no avail. Does anyone have any information on this car or if they've seen anything like that?


(Keep in mind that there was absolutely nobody in our session and I just want some answers because I was really dumbfounded by the scene.)


Video of Cheval Surge here:


Blue Tire Smoke Surrounding Cheval Surge?????


Thank you.

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It's the countermeasure smoke from aircraft, if someone in the lobby with it quits then it 'jumps' to a ped, AFAIK. Something like that anyway.


I want it :D

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