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The Broken City - A Grand Theft Auto Original Short

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Since my last project 'A Los Santos Dream' I have been working hard on a new Grand Theft Auto film. I have taken all the feedback I was given on board and am proud to present Chapter One of my new film 'The Broken City'. So please check it out and let me know your thoughts!!




Please be aware due to copyright on some audio tracks the film may not play on some mobile devices or in some countries.


The Broken City - Terror has come to Los Santos on the Eve of The Innovation Company's public unveiling for the New Line. The LSPDs top officers Captain Smith and Lieutenant Samantha head the protection and security of all Los Santos residents. Chapter One - Before the Fall.


The Innovation Company - The New Line




Let me know what you thought?

Edited by smitj019

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Kaiju Blue

Sucks that no one has checked this out properly. It's quite long, and from the looks of it you put a lot of freakin' effort into it, it shows. I'm no film buff, in fact I'm an extremely casual film watcher, so you can take my comments with a grain of salt!


Visuals: The actual visual aspect of it looks really good to me, the fight scene and the car chase scene from the first half are really good IMO. In particular, the moment in the chase when they pass an NPC driver and you show it from his car really stood out for me, as well as the end of it with the wheel still spinning. Also, the 'intro' credits halfway through look incredible. All in all the camerawork just looks nice! The close-ups when they're talking in the car could use some work, though I get that the rockstar editor has its limitations.


Action: Pretty good on this end as well, as I said, the first car chase and the confrontation in the parking lot were phenomenal. The big all-out fight with the military personnel could've been better, but that's mostly down to the fact that NPCs behave quite robotically, so it really isn't something you could fix without a loooot more players helping you. The chase with the weaponised Tampa was nice, but not quite as good as the first, and I feel like there could've been more of a dramatic timing for the proximity mine scene, doesn't carry that much impact as it is IMO. The rescue at the end was great, you managed to make it feel like a hopeless situation, use of music helped a lot. Speaking of...


Music: For the most part, I think you did a great job with the music selection. That GoT song in the intro/outro worked well, really set the tone for the rest of the short. Even considering that you used music from a lot of different things, which means every song doesn't necessarily mesh very well with the next, I think it works overall because they all carry this same ominous mood that works nicely with the plot. The James Bond (I think?) song from the parking lot fight was the most jarring choice by far, though.


Plot: Not much to say on this end, I feel like it's serviceable and works well enough for what it is, considering this is potentially just part one of a series. The characters act in ways that make sense, there's tension, the villain feels like a genuine threat, though at times it can feel like he's a bit too competent, seeing as he does everything he sets out to do and gets away with it- though, again, this could easily just be because it's the first part, so I may be talking out of my ass. A few cliches here and there, which for the most part is alright, except for the antagonist clapping to himself at the end. That was a bit too silly for my tastes.


Extra: I dunno why this stuck with me, but the use of the vehicle menu controller (the one for opening your PV's doors when you're not in it and the such) as bomb detonator was really creative, I quite liked it.


All in all, great work! I enjoyed it a ton. I look forward to future instalments if you decide to continue!

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Thanks for the feedback. Its very constructive and I am glad you enjoyed it! I do apolagise that its taken me this long to see the post but i have been hard at work on more to come! ;)


Sadly the playstation has its limitations and it really is a pain as there is so much i want to do that you just cant without mods and the options of the PC! It is something I hope to get into in the near future though!

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Modern Spartans MC

It was a really good film.

In our opinion, it shouldn't have been released without recorded dialogue, though. Reading subtitles for half an hour isn't ideal, and takes away from the overall feel of the film. Other than it was fantastic! Keep up the good work!


- Blu,

MSMC National President

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