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Windows Store Version Cheats

Recommended Posts


Nick007J and Blantas have looked into cheats in the "Remastered" versions (Windows Store and mobile [see note at the end]).


Quick&dirty doc

Feel free to make a nice version of this, just give credits to Nick007J and Blantas (and me if you want).


- some cheats are "missing", others are Remastered-exclusive. Video by Vadim

- Keep in mind that I did not test it. I might have made some totally dumb mistake. Please give me feedback.

- There are no easily remembered versions because it seems that you are not supposed to enter them, quoting from the doc:


There are no easy-to-memorize versions of these cheats for technical reasons.


Why? War Drum Studios "disabled" cheats by "double-counting" each press, (pressing ABC results in AaBbCc). I have cut out the repetitions, though (saying "ABC" rather than "AaBbCd").


- how to connect a wireless keyboard to your Android phone via OTG cable + wireless keyboard receiver: 

- iOS is unconfirmed. Some guy in the YouTube comments can't get cheats to work on iOS (grain of salt :D ).

Edited by Patrick1994
more info

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Thanks for this. I noticed that the new hash for CHEAT_STRONGGRIP was converted from hex to scientific notation by the spreadsheet. You might want to fix that field with a single quote or something that'll stop the conversion process before you lose track of the source document.


Please include a warning about CHEAT_MAYHEM. This is the cheat that causes the Madd Dogg glitch and other issues with aggressive actors. I'm not sure if anyone is set up to repair this glitch for mobile saves so a warning on the only source for these cheats would be appreciated.


Also, if I understand the process properly, if the hash generator was allowed to work long enough you might eventually hit upon an easier to remember cheat string, its just that there's no possible way to trace that back to the original string that made sense for the purpose of the cheat.


Added: It looks like GTASnP.com is all set up to detect and Undo Peds Riot Cheat. Still, the warning is appreciated. Thanks.

Edited by OrionSR

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