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Subscription sessions


Do you want this included  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want this included

    • Yes
    • Yes, But with some changes
    • No

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I came up with the idea of a SUBSCRIPTION where People will be able to access a new session type
Where the person who has the SUBSCRIPTION can host session where he will be the host and has many options like:

Spawning vehicles , Teleporting players , World Options , Weather & time , The ability to spawn props (The ones available in creator) and other abilities

Also it won't be a public session so only their friends & crew members can join.
(Friends & Crew Members without the subscription can join)

If the host leaves another player who has the subscription will automatically become host.(If there isn't any player with the subscription everybody will be kicked)

When a player joins this type of session it will load the stats ( Money , RP , Things Bought ) from the last normal session But it won't save them during that Session

Some Extra Options i thought:

Blackout Mode (The no lights from slasher)

Clear Weapons (To a specific user or to the whole session)

Give weapons (To a specific user or to the whole session)

Set weapons (Removes all weapons and gives a specific weapon either to a specific user or to the Whole session)

Clothing (Set clothes to a specific user or to the whole session)

Vehicle door control (The ability to close or open doors on the vehicle you're on this also applies to cargo bay doors)


Kick (Kick a specific Person From the session)


Wanted Level (Set the min-max Wanted level for everyone in session, set the wanted level to a specific user)


Traffic (Set Off or On The ped and vehicle spawning)


Player Blips (force Hide or Show All player Blips On Session, And Hide or Show the blips for a specific player)






Sending this text To: [email protected]

As A feature Request can Give it More chances to be published

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Considering how this game is an MMO-style experience, into won't happen. Sorry.

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Isn't that normal dedicated servers with admins and such, or am I missing something?

It's nothing new but it also won't happen.

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As a wishlist for the "Next GTA" I'd like to see more environmental control by "host" players, like IV's system had, but you can't divide up the whole sandbox and have 10,000 different lobbies with nearly as many combinations of rules.

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These should be ingame from the start. Pure sandbox mode.

Edited by Sanches
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this would actually require a new game.


for the next gta i'd settle with having some lobby options like IV

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This topic is almost identical to This One.


We don't need both topics at the same time.



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