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FPS Studder



Hello. I've recently experienced FPS studders. I got it after reinstalling GTA 5 and never had them before that. I'm playing GTA 5 on windows 10 with an AMD FX 8120 8Core Processor, 16 GB ram and an AMD Radeon R9 380 series. I've come to the conclusion that it got to do with my CPU or GPU as you can see here R9VmFW4.png

The are circled in red is the usage of my CPU. It drops when I start to get the FPS l start lagging. Dont know if that could be because my GPU are not required to work as hard when I'm lagging or if that is causing the lagg. Använding = Usage, Sekunder = seconds.


As you can see on the picture above this is another lag moment when my CPU drops in usage. But my memory stays still. That have made me come to the conclusion that it isn't my memory. Minne = Memmory.


The lagg only occures when playing GTA 5, while the lagg occures my whole computer lagg. If im writing in my browser while having GTA 5 opend the text will be delayed or not even show up untill the lagg is gone. My mouse will be slow and clicks wont register. I've tried to reinstall GTA 5 which didn't work, tried to put everything on low but didn't work either.


I've played GTA 5 without problems untill yesterday when reinstalling it. Never have I ever had a problem like this with my GTA 5. I hope that anyone here might know a solution.


Edit: Played some CSGO and got the same problem. Never had any problem on that game either. Think my PC is f*cked.


Edit 2: Found the problem. The CPU were overheating but its fixed now. If admin can either lock or delete please do that.



Edited by Elias00

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