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Zolika1351 Zolika1351's Trainer/Mod Menu REWRITTEN

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When I try that it does nothing lol so its not really self explanatory could someone maybe make a YouTube video on it to show me and others ??

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Awesome! One of the best works out there that I've seen regarding GTAIV modding. I'm working on a project that required several of the functionalities that are included in your trainer, so it was a nice gift. 


Just one thing: the "music level" feature is not working for me in Could you give it a check, or tell me if that option was working in any older release of your mod (and if so, tell me which and where can I find it)? 


Thanks in advance! 

Edited by victm92

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Released v39.0
Added Detach/Remove options to Vehicle Doors menu
Cutscene Interiors no longer breaks pause menu and definition
Fixed fast up & down scrolling still working with the menu closed
Added Tasks menu to Last Spawned Ped
Added Camera Location Display
Added ASCII Input toggle to Trainer Settings
Objects.ini list now reloads after an .ini save
Free Camera now uses the actual camera position to start off of in cutscenes
Added SP Music Level to Memory Editing - Options

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Released v40.0
Added Camera FOV menu
Added .ini setting for Camera Location Display
Added .ini setting for disabling ASCII Input
Offset Vehicle Extras by 1 (Extra 1 was previously toggling Extra 0 which doesn't exist)
Added Toggle Car Parts menu (any part, including bodyshell) (unstable unless you use v3.1 or higher of my patch)
Added Detach Car Parts menu (any part that has physics, e.g. spoiler, heli tail, wheels)
Added skydome.wtd to the list of files in Reload Files menu
Added custom keybinds (can do any key/key combo to activate any option in the menu, more details in the .ini explanation)




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idk if you know but it doesn't set pain voice when changing to female or any male model it'll be always Niko screaming if switching models, please fix.

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Released v41.0

Added Unlatch, Perma-Unlatch and Latch options to Vehicle Doors menu
Fixed Float type in Native Caller
Added Vehicle Light Multiplier
Fixed Change Object Model manual input
Extended max Object Spawning objects to 4096
Added Fill menu to Object Spawning
Added Move All menu to Object Spawning
Added No Physical Water toggle
Added No Visual Water toggle
Added Daytime & Nighttime Car Lights toggle



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  • excuseme 1

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Released v42.0 (nice.)
Added .ini setting for No Physical Water & No Visual Water
Fixed TLAD & TBoGT Cutscene Interiors still using the broken loading method
Moved MP Bus Stop & MP Maisonette Dance to the bottom of Misc to be friendlier with hotkeys
Moved car color related options to a Color menu
Added Advanced Fast Cornering
Fixed a typo in Vehicle Quality .ini setting
Added Model Index to Hash & Name menu
Object Wallhack now shows model index instead of model hash
Fixed Kill Damaged Peds and Delete Damaged Objects and added them back in SP
Draw Underscores in Menu Text now applies to wallhacks
Wallhacks now use actual model names if they've been generated using the Generate Model Names for Wallhack option
Made Airbreak rotation speed consistent



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