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Hello to everyone. I need your help very much. After playing Gta 4 Tbogt for 5 minutes, many things cannot be loaded. However, it is less happening in the original game. It happens a lot on Tbogt. The map does not load items, but will soon recover when you go up and wait. Even the cops don't bother me, they just just stand around and look at me. Even a bus is not created. Please help me. Very urgent !!

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On 4/30/2021 at 5:43 PM, Yilmaz04 said:

You know what, "SAME" issue is happening in my game too. When I equip parachute with trainer, it gives me a mask and after landing it turns into a parachute and drops to ground. @Zolika1351 if you help us to install parachute support properly, we'll be happy. I hope you saw this.


Edit: But no HUD icon is normal. HUD icon must only show if you have a script mod, TBoGT has a integrated script to show HUD icon when equiped parachute but normal GTA IV doesn't. I don't know if .sco files in update.img makes this because I am not sure they are working. Nothing changed after putting them to scripts folder.

Its becoZ in TBoGT the sus2_001 component is parachute pack of Luis, so whenever you enable parachute game switches sus2_xxx to sus2_001 which is mask model in IV. I'm trying to edit the script so that you'll can add parachute component as sus2_002. And no more issues :)

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Anyone know how I can stop the trainer from deleting peds who get too close? It's really getting on my nerves.

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Hey @Zolika1351. I found this Bug which is Texture Bugs. Using a Last Version of Zolika Trainer. can you Fix it

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Posted (edited)

Hello, I downgraded GTA IV to for your trainer to work and permanently deleted sjaak's trainer.

So can you help how to change tracks and stations with mobile radio please?

I tried GTA Connected with it and love it. Just need some small help please nice Zolika?


Come on Zolika drop the hate, everything should get better now and help me please.

I am using both the trainers now. SNT and Z trainer okay. Now help me please.

Edited by Saad31
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On 10/2/2017 at 12:04 AM, Zolika1351 said:

Short video of me playing around with version 5.5.


Boycott SME

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  • 3 weeks later...

Released v61.0
Added Custom Trainer Aspect Ratio option
Fixed some potential memory leaks
Fixed scaling issues on 5:4 aspect ratio
Fixed some bad native names in Native Caller


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