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Please, can someone help me! GTA V Crash ! :(


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Yesterday I downloaded the GTA V Pirata by ThePirateBay, beauty, I was all happy, I installed the game, and opened ...
The game opened, ran well, had no problems with lag or anything like that ...
I went from that mission from the beginning ...
But when the game was really starting (Mission of Michael and Lamar)
When I got to the front, the game stopped responding, and I gave that misfortune of error "err_gfx_d3d_init", so I closed it and tried to play again, and I realized that it happened all the time, not only when I was playing the mission, it was like a In a matter of time, the game stopped responding and gave this error, so I went to search, and I saw several posts in forums, videos on YouTube, and did several things like:
Change DirectX version from 11 to 10.1 or 10.
Reinstall the game
Download crack (3DM)
Delete the files: "d3dcompiler_46" and "d3dcsx_46"
Close some programs like MSI AfterBurner!
Everything that I thought I was doing, but nothing was working, I was giving up! I did not know but what I would do, I saw posts that talked about doing UnderClocking to solve, but I did not find videos or posts on how to do this
So I decide to post this post here in the forum to see if anyone could help me, please I want to play a lot, and my internet sucks will not let me download another again! Thank you for helping me ...
Here is my PC Settings:
Graphics Card (GPU): "AMD HD Radeon 6570 OC Edition 4GB"
Processor (CPU): "Intel Core i3 4170 @ 3.70GHz"
Ram memory: '8GB Kingston DDR3'
Motherboard: ASUS H81M-A
System: "Windows 7 Professional 64-Bits"
(If you need more information and just ask for it ...)
Another thing: I've done OverClock a few times, but when I saw that this could be the problem I took, and even uninstalled AfterBurner ...)
I only ask one thing, help me :(


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Yesterday I downloaded the GTA V Pirata by ThePirateBay,


We don't offer any support for Pirated copies. Pirating is illegal and we don't even allow discussion.


Please buy the game legitimately.

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