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United Nations Armed Forces Recruitment


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Recruiting Today!

UNAF Leader: xXToxicWavesXx

Brief History and Intro:

The United Nations Armed Forces, or UNAF for short, is an Xbox One Grand Theft Auto V: Online MilSim created by a group of friends. The founders aren't new to the clan business, and have been fighting along side and against many other crews since early GTA IV. There has been changes in leadership, crews, and most of the members themselves throughout the years, and had often switched between a closed group and a somewhat open group. UNAF was the newest crew created by the group in 2014, and plans on sticking around for a good long while. After a bit of time being a recluse, and with 2017 coming to a close, UNAF has began creating alliances, recruiting members, and remodeling the website. Which is why UNAF has come to the GTA Forums, recruitment. We'd like you in our army.

UNAF is more relaxed then most MilSims, but still strives to be professional, and elite. We are also currently a small but firm group at the moment, and are accepting most members who are willing to join us in our adventures full of domination. (Depending on if you seem to fit in well with the group of course)

Any other bits of information that you'd like to know about UNAF can be found on our website at http://unitednations...ces.weebly.com/

UNAF Rules, Requirements, and What We Are All About:

There are certain rules and requirements that must be understood and met before being able to be a part of the United Nations Armed Forces.

Basic Rules & Requirements of UNAF:

  • Members must be of at least 14 (preferably 18+) years or older in order to join, must also have a good sense of maturity, respect, and able to follow orders
  • Must have a microphone in order to communicate with other members (exceptions may be made for those who temporarily lose a headset, and kinect users will not be accepted unless they have a proper headset)
  • Must be at least the rank of 70 or higher on GTA Online
  • Members must wear the [uNAF] crew tag and be in uniform while participating online with the crew, this does not apply outside of crew activities
  • Any form of serious disrespect towards a player will not be tolerated at all
  • No friendly fire (unless training) towards any member or ally at all, or any actions that would negatively affect the crew
  • Stealing members from other crews to join ours will not be tolerated whatsoever

The United Nations Armed Forces is basically a group of skilled comrades who enjoy the atmosphere of a militaristic structure and teamwork while working together to help each other and fellow allies conquer the vast lobbies of Grand Theft Auto Online. UNAF focuses solely on freemodes and does not participate in TDM's or most other gamemodes, but members are free to play what they like as long as they keep the UNAF operations in freemode lobbies. The ultimate goal of UNAF is to basically be the most skilled and seem the most professional out of the other players and crews in the lobby, making few friends and many foes along the way.

UNAF Leadership, Ranking, Divisions, and Further Information:

The United Nations Armed Forces leadership and ranking is set up basically the same as the United States of America government and military.

UNAF Rankings (From Lowest to Highest):


  • Recruit


  • Private
  • Private First Class
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Sergeant First Class
  • Sergeant Major


  • Second Lieutenant
  • First Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel


  • Brigadier General
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General


  • Secretary of Defense
  • Secretary of Treasury
  • Senate of the State
  • Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Vice President
  • President

The United Nations Armed Forces is primarily lead by the President, he has the most power in the group, but many decisions are made through a counsel voting system within the members in the presidential rankings, so a good bit of the important debates and decisions are controlled by an intellectual oligarchy. When it comes to commanding the troops in battles or in training, the authority goes to the highest commanding officer on duty, and only officers and higher ranking soldiers are able to command the troops. The higher the command, the greater the authority, with the President holding the most authority. Any abuse in power by officers and/or generals will have serious punishment.

The divisions in UNAF are currently still being thoroughly discussed and can be found on the UNAF website. An example of a few of the divisions are the UNAF Special Forces, UNAF Air Force, and the UNAF Mechanized Infantry.

**Any information, details, extended list of rules, requirements, ranking up, & etc, as well as anything we may have missed or forgot can be found on the UNAF website listed below, or you can contact xXToxicWavesXx

(Xbox One | GTA Online | Xbox Live)

The United Nations Armed Forces Website, Social Club, and Email:

UNAF Website:


UNAF Social Club:


UNAF Email:

[email protected]

UNAF Youtube:


Edited by xXToxicWavesXx
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


You are only allowed one Recruitment Thread at any time, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules. Duplicated threads will be locked.




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