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Ezio Baggins

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I am creating a Ped and making it follow a TaskSequence.


List<Vector3> Locations = GetLocationToRunTo();//returns list of vectors that i want my Ped to follow

TaskSequence sequence = new TaskSequence();






Now I want to know at what all times the player is doing the Task "FollowPointRoute",

so that when it ends, I want to make some calculations and make the Ped follow another PointRoute and so on.




What I tried, (GET_IS_TASK_ACTIVE)

bool flag = Function.Call<bool>(Hash.GET_IS_TASK_ACTIVE, Ped, (int)209);
(from natives description : https://pastebin.com/2gFqJ3Px: 209 - CTaskMoveFollowPointRoute)
But it always returns false.
Just to check if this native function is working I tried,
added additional tasks, like jump or hands up.
and tried,
for (int value = 0; value <= 1000; ++value)
bool flag2 = Function.Call<bool>(Hash.GET_IS_TASK_ACTIVE, Ped, (int)value);
if (flag2 == true)
UI.Notify("Flag2 : " + flag2.ToString() + " : " + value.ToString());
Just as expected, it returned true for values 0,420,421.(0 for hands up, 420,421 for jump)
int nextflag = Function.Call<int>Hash.GET_SCRIPT_TASK_STATUS, Ped, 0xb232526f);
(from natives description : https://pastebin.com/R9iK6M9W: 0xb232526f - TASK_FOLLOW_POINT_ROUTE )
But this always returns '7', meaning the specified task is not assigned to the ped.
Similarly to last try, I added Hands up and Jump tasks to check if this native function is working properly,
TASK_HANDS_UP - 0xa573b67c
TASK_JUMP - 0x24415046
But it always returns 7, irrespective of GET_SCRIPT_TASK_STATUS task hashes.
So, there is something wrong in what I am trying to do, or the native function is not working properly or task hashes or not updated ?.
Note : the above functions are used "OnTick", to check in every frame for the specified task is running or not.
Please help.
Thank you.
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Thank you, this definitely works to my needs.

But in anycase,

we need more clarity on GET_SCRIPT_TASK_STATUS and GET_IS_TASK_ACTIVE and how to use these functions.

At least GET_IS_TASK_ACTIVE is returning values according to tasks,

but GET_SCRIPT_TASK_STATUS always returns "7". :p

I hope someone knows, so that it would be helpful for other modders regarding the same.

Edited by Ezio Baggins
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Previously, I was using ScriptHookDotNet v2.10.1

I shifted to ScriptHookDotNet v3 and tried again.

And functions started working, idk why.


These are my results under the newer scripthook version.

Edit : MY understanding of these functions


I am performing the ped task using a TaskSequence class.



when my player was doing

task "hands up" :

CTaskHandsUp : True :: 0 : Flag number

CTaskUseSequence : True :: 32 : Flag number

task "turn to coord"

CTaskDoNothing : True :: 15 : Flag number
CTaskUseSequence : True :: 32 : Flag number

CTaskComplexControlMovement : True :: 35 : Flag number
CTaskTurnToFaceEntityOrCoord : True :: 225 : Flag number

task "follow point route"

CTaskDoNothing : True :: 15 : Flag number
CTaskUseSequence : True :: 32 : Flag number
CTaskComplexControlMovement :: True : 35 : Flag number

(according to what i expected CTaskMoveFollowPointRoute(209) should also be true, maybe that flag is for something else)



When performing task using Ped.Task.PerformSequence(sequence);

Only flag "TASK_PERFORM_SEQUENCE = 0x0e763797" was != 7 during the sequence.

Rest of all the flags returned 7.

Reason : Initially I thought a sequence was just a combination of tasks individually, so I thought that native functions of each task are called one after another. But that is not the case.

(however for "GET_IS_TASK_ACTIVE" it returns true for both CTaskUseSequence and CTaskHandsUp/or any other task.)


To confirm,

I just created a Ped, and made him perform a task, not a task sequence.

For "hands up" only flag "TASK_HANDS_UP = 0xa573b67c" was !=7 as expected.

For "jump" only flag "TASK_JUMP = 0x24415046" was !=7 as expected.

"TASK_PERFORM_SEQUENCE = 0x0e763797" was == 7, when calling the Ped.Tasks individually as expected.


Hope this helps other modders also.

Edited by Ezio Baggins
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