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Grand Theft Auto: S.A Stories coming after RDR2


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Rockstar Games, we all know, is kind of mysterious and unpredictable company, full of secrets guarded with seven keys. But sometimes these keys are not enough. In recent years Rockstar Games has maintained a strong partnership with Sony, bringing some exclusives to the consoles of the PlayStation family, such as bundles and publicity. With the latest announcement, RDR2, it will not be any different.

Sony has a great desire to have Rockstar always very close, not for less. Whenever there is a major Sony event to be held, Rockstar is invited to attend. Like at E3 in 2016, where he refused. At this year's E3 she confirmed presence with a new trailer for RDR2 and news about RD Online, but with less than 2 months left for the event, Rockstar came back behind and delaying the game in sequence for the spring of 2018. With that generated a certain discomfort between companies, since this was not the first time something like this happened.

After that, it was determined that RDR2 will not appear in any event.

To undo this discomfort between Sony and Rockstar, it was agreed that the RDR2 DLC (whose name will be "Aliens of the West" according to my source) will arrive first on the PS4 and the long awaited SP DLC of GTA V will be officially revealed during PlayStation Experience this year in December to be held in Anaheim, CA.


As you can see in the photo of the document taken directly from Sony's San Mateo office, "Grand Theft Auto: S.A Stories" is on the agenda of the event.

This is the title of the massive SP DLC of GTA V, which was originally scheduled to be released in mid-2014, but due to Rockstar Games' ambition to make the project bigger, and also of course, the launch of GTA V for the new generation and PC and to the great support and focus in GTA Online, this SP DLC project suffered a great delay.

But after a few years, to the joy of the fans, this will finally happen.
With that the schedule of releases of Rockstar Games is in the following order:
RDR2, RDR2 ALIENS OF THE WEST AND GTA SA STORIES (not to mention some remasters like L.A Noire, but that do not interfere in anything).

Now get the first details of this big DLC that I have knowledge about:

. It is not necessary to have a copy of GTA V to play it.
. The story takes place 2 years after the events of GTA V.
. The main characters remain Michael, Franklin and Trevor (in a world where this is only possible with the choice of the final "C" in GTA V, of course).
. New characters.
. Appearances of 2 characters from a previous game in the series.
. New actions and mechanics such as: working out, surfing, skateboarding (Franklin only), fighting in clandestine fighting clubs and betting on horse racing.
. New items.
. More types of white guns and firearms.
. New urban, rural, air, marine and military vehicles.
. More variety of animals like seals.
. New secrets.
. New places to explore in Los Santos like: casino, nightclubs, fast foods, comedy clubs and the Mile HighClub (with a mission in its inauguration).
. New locations: San Fierro and surrounding area and small appearances of Liberty City and Cliffordville (North Yankton). Las Venturas will not be present because in the HD era of GTA Rockstar decided to withdraw it from the state of San Andreas, since in real life Las Vegas is not located in California but in the state of Nevada.
. 42 main missions.
. 12 murder missions.
. 16 strangers and freaks missions.
. 2 different endings.

The launch is scheduled for the second half of 2018 or the first half of 2019 (more probable in my opinion).

There's still speculation about Bully 2 and Agent as you may know. GTA VI is getting more and more distant.

P.S.: Big news about RDR2 coming in the next weeks. Stay tuned.

Edited by Mr.Wilson
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P.S.: Big news about RDR2 coming in the next weeks. Stay tuned.

That's a load of horse sh*t right there :^: Edited by GTA_The_Series
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nah I'm good

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