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Absolute Chaos In Doubt (ACID) Now Recruiting!


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Absolute Chaos In Doubt

lIIlC0MPL3XlIIl - Nemeysis - Zeatxea

Welcome to ACID. We are currently recruiting into a new and upcoming, mature gaming community. We are strongly based around GTAO, though we also get together to play other games as well. Our veteran crew staff has been around GTA for sometime. Complex himself has been playing since release, on PS3 to PS4, and now on PC.

We are looking for players of all kinds. Anything from the casual gamer, all the way up to the hardcore competitive gamer. ACID plans on participating in free aim Crew vs Crew battles, once we have enough interested in joining the squad. We strive at helping eachother in every way possible. We tend to spend as much time as needed in free roam, to fill them supplies, and make them sales! Our four founding members have completed the Criminal Master Mind challenge, so if have any questions, or need help as well, we can do that!

Interested in joining? Well here are a few key things to decide if this is the place for you!

~Mature (Does not mean 18+, means you are mature)
~Active (Can attend a few crew events a week)
~Friendly (Can converse amongst others with a friendly tone)
~Vocal (We use Discord to communicate! You need not speak, but come in to hear!)

These are the main things we are, and are looking for. Want to know more? Head over to our website and feel free to ask questions!


Edited by Nemeysis
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Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link.




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