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the add on peds (skins) crash problem

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So Guys I am Jouxy and actually i have a pretty known problem and it is the add on peds (skins) problem

actually every time I add more than 29 or 30 add on peds (skins) the game crashes on startup ( loading ) and if i remove some add on peds it works fine

I searched for a solution for this problem everywhere on Youtube Facebook Google GTA5-mods.com and even here as I have about another 250 add on peds (skins) downloaded and I wanted to add it to the game but all what i found was the replace method but it is bad as you should memorize every single name you want to spawn and sometimes the game crashes after loading an add on ped (skin) and i found also some gameconfig.xml ready files for limitless add on peds (skins) but I found most of the people said that it didn't work for them so I wanted to try my luck but I found that I am unlucky too so I found one guy who had a solution and it was to edit some numbers in the gameconfig.xml file in the game files and i tried his way but it didn't work too actually every time i edit my gameconfig.xml or download an edited one and replace it the game just stuck on loading ( it just load and even after an hour it just keep loading and doesn't start )

My add on peds version is 3.0.1

Can someone Help??!


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