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Girlfriend progress at 0% how to get it back up


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On 10/27/2018 at 6:35 AM, Beg_Ultra said:


And, regarding your latest suggestion, that was my initial plan: to try to be unavailable as much as possible. For example, upon passing a mission or winning a turf, to quickly get into a vehicle, and on my way to a safe house,

sorry to say, but simply being IN a car does not stop a girlfriend from calling you!  You will be driving and suddenly get a notification that progress with said girlfriend has decreased!     That girlfriend called you while you were driving but you MISSED THE CALL resulting in a 2% reduction in progress.  if you had answered the call and NOT gone to pick her up, that would result in a 3% progress reduction! As OrionSR stated there are 4 strats that DO work: being out of Town, being on a mission, having a wanted level, and finally, simply being TOO CLOSE to her house!  however, knowing WHEN she will call is crucial to using any of these!

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